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feng shui

Even good Shit can get overwhelming

It is 3am, and I am contemplating the purpose of life.

I was asleep, but was awakened by my frantic dog, barking at the door and intermittently coming to get me to tell me something is wrong. A houseparty up the the street from me must have exploded, there are hundreds of loud, slightly stupid sounding kids on my street. God, I hope my kids never sound or act like that. I can hear the police approaching, the crowd outside is getting antsy.

Anyways, I digress. 25 minutes later the street was back to its’ normal, quiet, sleepy suburbian boring self. My dog is now sleeping soundly under my bed, and I am fully awake.

After several rounds of guided meditations, a sleepy tea, an audiobook that did not grab me, some exercise….I decided to go the library and play book roulette. “A Love Story” popped up, I put it on my iPad, and was pleasantly surprised. An collection of short stories!

The first story is about Mavis, who locks herself in a bathroom for a week to think.

I have not finished the story, but am in love with Mavis. And I am jealous that I only have one bathroom. The thought of locking myself into a bathroom for a week, with food that I love (not nourishing, that I love), books, magazines, something to write, and maybe my wi-fi, is fantastic. I would also buy myself a one cup coffee machine for this adventure.

Lately, I have been restless and sleepless, and all around annoyed. I am not sure what is triggering this insolence, but I can feel little tentacles of bitchiness coming out. In one way, it is helping, as I am ruthlessly purging things that don’t make me happy, and that is a big feat right now. On the other hand, I took a pause in reading with Mavis to ask myself “What is wrong?”.

7733821_origI have a great family. I am not kidding, my husband, though truly nerve wracking, is a good and hardworking man. And obviously gifted with a inhumane amount of patience, as we will be married 20 years next week. I am not easy. My kids are both fantastic, spoiled, but fantastic. I have a house in suburbia, lots of stuff in it to keep my creative spirit busy, a dog, chickens, a back yard, wi-fi…..I don’t have a 9-5, so my crazy sleep/ no sleep schedule is doable. I really don’t know how I would function in the real world, I would have to take drugs.

Back to Mavis living in her bathroom. I am drawn to her because we are both yearning for the simple life. I am almost feel as if my life, and the stuff in it, are taking my breathe away. I am tempted to pimp out my van and go live in it. But then where would everyone else sleep?? How would the kids get to school and function? Who would cook heavy, meat based dinners for my hardworking husband, and where would all this damn laundry go??

Sitting here in the quiet, yet chaotic dining room sipping my warm milk with turmeric, I think I have hit the nail on the head.

Too much shit. Even good shit can get overwhelming.

Too many little responsibilities and needs of others suck away energy from the true purpose of what I am here for. Don’t get me wrong, being the mother of these gorgeous humans, and the wife/friend to my husband, the daughter to my mama, and the friend to my few, but true friends is fulfilling. Yet, I also want to find the energy to work with young women, find my witchy circle of women for ritual and growth, go camping by myself in the redwoods, publish my ebook, make KitchenWitches for fun and give them away (I had this dream that I traveled around and delivered custom KitchenWitches to women in different situations, and just made their day. I was like Ellen, only with Witches. It was fabulous, and now is on my “to do” list), things that make my spirit grow and bring in money to support it all comfortably. On that note, I also want another shepherd puppy.

It is time make things clear and simple again, and I need to do it before I am 79 and locked in a bathroom.

How are you finding your life’s purpose, Beautiful??

Kill Insomnia. Sleeping in alignment with the Earth’s magnetic fields.

I have been dealing with insomnia for years. Not counting the the “full moon” nights where I do not sleep anyways, I have not slept more than 2-3 hours at a time in ages.

Of course, I have tried all sorts of things: sleepy herbs (hops, chamomille, lavendar, etc), melatonin & co, exercise, no exercise, sleep pillows, sleep routines, alchohol, no alchohol, feng shui, old mattress, new mattress, natural latex mattress cover…My bed has literally been in every room of this house except the living room.

Mentioning the living room: I always sleep best on my old (20 years), patched up and knobby couch. I am sure it harbors 20 years of dust in it’s thick, engulfing pillows. When I lay on it, my head points East. Read on to see why that matters.

Recently, I was researching Feng Shui sleep positions by Kua number. If you want to spend a few hours on the computer and get transported to another world, find your Kua number (just Google, it will help you find & calculate), and then read how you should ideally sleep, sit, function, and goddess forbid, don’t DO ANYTHING IN YOUR ADVERSE DIRECTION!!!

My adverse direction is North.

My head was pointing North when I sleep. I sit at the table facing North all the time.

I must now rethink my allegiance with The Northerners of Game of Thrones.

And by the way, my husband’s direction is not at all compatible with mine. Neither is his horoscope. I need to rethink our 20+ marriage.

No wonder I am a sleepy, chaotic mess!

Honestly, I began assessing my life, and have decided to drop the Kua thing, otherwise I may get depressed. There is no way I can swing that. BUT….I am definitely avoiding facing the North as much as possible.

More research shows that several cultures feel that the best way to sleep is to align your body with the magnetism of the Earth. Now, THAT makes sense to me. The ideal direction is East to West, with your feet pointing West. Again, just Google “east / west sleep postions” and you will get lots of opinions. 🙂 Read with an open mind.

View from my new bed position :).

If you are doubting the strong pull the Earth has on us, reading this absolutely fascinating study about dogs pooping in alignment with the Earth’s magnetic fields.  Yes, my friends, it is a thing.

I decided it was worth a try, and during a recent sleepless night I moved my bed once again. There is no good way to position my bed with my head pointing East in my little room. My whole house is only 900sq/ft, imagine the bedrooms with windows, closets, doors. Plus, you don’t want your head under a window.

What is a girl to do? Forget all rules and awkwardly plop the giant king sized bed in the middle of the room. Text your husband at work to be careful when he comes home at night so he does not hurt himself. Lay in the bed.

Ok, it feels good. I can look out the window, the headboard protects me from light, yelling kids, and exuberant dog.

Maybe this is not so bad?

I am sleep with my head pointing East for a week now. Some nights are fantastic, some are shitty as always. I am going to give it a few more weeks and report back, hopefully aligned with the Earth and well rested.

Things that go bump in the night

Good Morning!

It is 5:26am, and I am sitting there with a glass of wine and an array of cheeses.

I have been up since 3:30 am, cleansing my home. I woke up with the strong need to clean my kitchen floor, and that expanded into the rest of the house. I am preparing for the new year, my mission is to have my house cleared, cleansed, & blessed before Dec. 31st, so we can slide into 2015 open & ready for abundance.

It all started a few months ago with the emerging of Money Witches :). Instead of the regular Kitchen

Witches, they carry money magic. I have a money/kitchen witch in the prosperity area of my home, my kitchen (which is so absolutely fitting!). At about the same time, I was able to acquire the book HexCraft, a book about Braucherei, an old form of folk magic, healing, & home blessing by Silver RavenWolf.

Other things began to fall into place. A new job, Etsy sales, lost gift cards showed up again…….

Clearing brings peace, and abundance. Maybe not immediate monetary abundance, but the kind that makes the spirit happy. I still believe happy people are the richest ones! My goal is to get to the point that no matter where I look in my 900sq/ft house, it makes me happy. Of course, there are 3 other people living here, 4 right now as my mother is visiting for 2 months. I am asking them to pitch in by giving me things they do not love/need anymore, helping me with big jobs, etc. It is important to incorporate everyone living under one roof and respecting their wishes. 

BTW, you do not have to follow status quo of where & when it is s good time to start, or do your cleansing/cleaering/cleansing. I am satisfied with my work, replenishing my body, then I will go back to sleep for a while. If you have the luxury of setting your schedule, go with what your body/Spirit/instinct tells you. Never mind conventional times, these kinds of things call for wildness :).

Don’t know where to start? You can check out Silver RavenWolf’s blog, and follow along with the 2014 release program (yes, you can jump in now!). One of my favorite books to start with  is Denise Linn’s Sacred Space  (this was my portal into Feng Shui!). You can follow with me via my Facebook page, but please sign up for my newsletter (you can do that in the margin to the left!) if you have not done so. Facebook is playing tricks, and I will begin to rely more on other ways to communicate as of January. Also, if you are a visual like me, you will certainly enjoy the 2015 Create Your Shining Year workbook, starting at only $9.95!!!, or $24.95 for the spiral bound version (which I have and will play with via Facebook & newsletter if you want to join me!)

Much love,

I am creating my Goddess Haven….Clearing Life Issues by de-cluttering

My constant journey of decluttering is quite epic. In my past lives, I was probably without “stuff”, so I am hoarding it now. Denise Linn, one of my favorite author’s, explains in her book Past Lives, Present Dreams
how you can break present recurring journeys by going into your past life. Hard for me to explain, but it is something I am going to do now, as my “issues” seem unbreakable.

A few weeks ago I joined the “Create your Goddess Haven E-course” :). I am on Week 3. I have a circle of Goddesses who are space clearing with me, and I have someone to answer too. I enjoy seeing the pictures of other Goddesses, and reading the posts of the trials & tribulations, and the satisfaction of getting a job done. Alongside that, there are beautiful worksheets, meditations, and Abundance tips. No, it is not free, which is exactly why I waited so long to do it. But now I must say, it is well worth the money! I actually joined the Goddess Circle, which lets me access ALL the e-courses, forums, etc, as well as enabling me to connect with “sisters” from all around the world. $99 for the year is quite a deal, and quite a fabulous energy. I am also noticing that my life issues correlate with clutter issues if identifying Feng Shui challenges. Money, Reputation, Career…Health.

Sofar, I have cleared, my dining room “stock piles”, made my bathroom into a spa :), and this weekend I cleaned out my linen closet so we have 2 sets of sheets for each bed instead of zillions…I am in the process of making my bedroom a haven, especially after I read “Where you sleep reflects who you are.”. EEEK…that is all that came to mind when I read that.

As I am clearing, I am finding things to give away. If you are not already there, LIKE my facebook page MyGypsyMarket, I will be listing “giveable” things as clear. I am sure when I get to my studio/play/retreat room, there will be lots of books.

Why am I giving you all these links? Because I always share things THAT I LOVE and that I see as valuable assets in my life, and because I am FINALLY getting a handle on this cluttered house. I have some major changes planned in my life to fulfill my future goals, and to do this, I need a serene & happy house.

Enjoy, and let me know if you decide to join Circle…find me there, Lovelies.

A little tweak here + a little tweak there = Massive change

I became fascinated with the art of Feng Shui years ago. I love walking into places and seeing immediately where the the good Chi is flowing, or not.

Unfortunately, my own house seems to block me from doing what I need to do. If you have been with me for a while, you know the decluttering and re-arranging is an ongoing odyssey.

Over a year ago, I sent my Bagua to Elyssa of Intuitive Living Feng Shui (!/intuitiveliving). When I told her my main challenges in life, she immediately pin-pointed what was happening on my map. One of them is my son; high spirited and energetic, can’t seem to “come down” at the end of the day. With a recent move of rooms we made before he started getting nutty (that is the mild version of some temperamentful nightly adventures), we moved him into the bedroom, which happens to be in the Love & Marriage area of our little house. Bad move. In many aspects. One of the things Elyssa pinpointed is that he was put in a “power position”, and of course is too young to handle that.

Our little house does not leave much room for creative room rearranging. It has taken me exactly one year and day from the time I received my Bagua back to get the family to work with me.

It is important to get the family’s approval when making big moves like this.

I cannot even explain the craziness that went on this house over the weekend, and recommend you only do this with your partner/spouse if you have a very strong relationship! It’s a tester.

We moved all the stuff (and there was alot of stuff! Another issue) out of my son’s room into the living room. Then we tiptoed over the stuff, and put our bed in our former, and now again bedroom. This left a large add on room, that will be our play & studio room empty-ish….so we put up shelves and began moving the stuff in there :). Next, we need to remove about 4 million books, and ton of girly stuff, and a very old carpet out of second bedroom. This will be painted, Pergo put in, a wall erected, and we will turn it into two smaller rooms. Then my son will get his bed back and have a cave to sleep in.

I know it sounds crazy. But even the small moves we made already made a difference in sleeping patterns.

If you are not ready for such a big project, do something small. We had to make an emergency trip to IKEA to pick up something for one of our shelves, and I picked up some fabulous ORANGE curtains! I took down the beige ones that were up in our living room, and hung the new ones. I can’t even describe the change! Now the sun is flowing through the curtains, giving the room a warm glow. They make me happy :). See the grainy picture above, taken with the webcam. The camera is somewhere in the house…..

Now go tweak a little!

Can’t live up to the simplicity with all my junk….

This weekend was dedicated to the attic.

I sent out a flag to all my friends to send out a search party in case they did not hear from me by the evening…who knew what was up there?? The dog keeps looking up and barking, I was afraid we might run into critters :). Then I would have to jump down the ladder and seal up the entrance.

We found wonderful memories. Photos from our travels, wedding, births of my two kids. Wonderful photos from my two other dogs, Caesar & Napoleon with my daughter when she was a baby. You an see the devotion in their eyes…. :). We found my stereo with turntable, and all our records. Zillions of yards of tull from my wedding, lol! Lots, and lots of things we have been missing, and bought double or triple because we thought we had lost it.

The house does not loose anything.

With a heavy heart, I let go of things. My husband is much more radical than, throwing stuff in giveaway bins. Geesh. He is right, hard to declutter when you don’t let go. I have lived without these things for 5+ years, but still.

Today I am feeling much better about letting go. Emotional detachment is prime. I dropped of nice clothes and games at our local homeless shelter. Even the suit my husband wore to his papa’s funeral. They were so appreciative, it makes me want to declutter even more. The emotional bond is much easier to break when you know someone else can, and will, use your belongings.

The goal: Getting out half of what we have by next week, moving around 3 rooms, painting them in the wonderful colors we each chose, and creating sanctuaries for all of us. I will have a HUGE table where I can create, and leave my creations when I need to take a break. I see days of Kitchen Witches, Goddesses, and sewing these awesome clothes I have in my head.

Hopefully, all of this will inspire me to live a simpler live, with out accumulating so much JUNK. Really, if I could have the money magically appear in my wallet of the all the stuff I never wore, used, lost and bought again….I would be a RICH woman.

Am putting a sign in my wallet, taped to my ATM card. It says:

Are you decluttering? Share with me, inspire me :).
Off to dig in the trenches!
Much love,

My Tupperware set me free!

If you have been missing me, well, I have been down in the ditches with dust, dirt, dog hair, and other unmentionables. I have found bills that have been completely ignored, others from 2002, pictures of people I do not know the names of anymore, and clothes….

Oh, my beautiful clothes….

Today is day 4 of a manic panic ditching session before I ring in the New Year tomorrow night with friends. I received the not so subtle messages in my dreams and horoscope that I better get my ass in gear and get rid of what I did not want repeated in 2010.

I was contemplating torching the place, but then I do love this house. Plus, the heater in the van does not work.

Four evenings ago, as I was stuffing yet some more books (which I just purchased at the thrift store!) into my custom-built bookshelf that is stacked double-deep, one of my old books fell out and on to my toes. “Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui”, by Karen Kingston. I have only read this book at least 5 times in the last 10 years, but something made me open to page 1 and start reading, AGAIN. That was a mistake. Oh my GODDESS! I walked into my kitchen, which happens to be my Prosperity area, and thought: I am doomed. I was still sorting Tupperware at 4 am. I threw out everything that did not have a top or bottom (no matter if they were expensive Tupper or cheap Rubbermaid), all my ten million saved joghurt canisters, scrubbed my sink, found my table, etc. My recycle bin is full.

Next I tackled my bedroom, which houses my super book shelves behind a beautiful, vibrant curtain, LOL. I myself am amazed at how many Feng Shui, Moon Magic, Magic, Herb, Knitting/Crochet, Business & Network marketing (old life), and misc. Goddess Power books I have. One of the nice things about clearing that first layer of books is that I find books I totally forgot I had…and I already bought another copy!

Uff, and that pile of STUFF on my desk. I hate paper, yet it loves me. It attaches to me like a bad stink.

As it says in my good little book, clutter attracts bad energy. I already know that, so why in the hell do I have so much clutter? It is crazy. So, on day two, I hauled out 3 giant boxes of paper, old magazines, crap. That was after I sorted out books into piles for friends, piles for doubles, and a box for the thrift store (I do not give books away lightly, and yet, I had a whole box of books I did not love. Not enought to give them to friends, that shows you the state of mind I must be in sometimes). Finding so much stuff that was unwanted, and unneeded really got me thinking about how this stuff correlates with my life. If you know me, you know that “clutter”, and trying to get rid of it, seems to be a thread. Having the proof stare me in the face……..

That is when I paniced! Only how many days until New Years Eve??

Yesterday I tackled the garage/junk room/laundry/pantry room. That room morphs at night and grows stuff. That room is like a pimple on my ass. I have no idea WHY we cannot keep that room clean. So I tackled it yet again.

Today, I explained to the kids that this is an emergency. My daughter must go into her closet, and get out whatever she does not love. LOVE, you hear me??? I don’t care what I paid for it, if you have ever worn it, if it is still too big. If you don’t LOVE it, hand it over. Amazingly enough, she filled a whole garbage bag, even though we just cleared a few weeks ago. We have good friends to give most of it to, yet, another nudge into my conscious. Heike, what the hell are doing???

My son, well he dumped the giant storage tote that has been sitting in my living room, and it was Christmas all over for him. Once he sorted out Legos, train tracks, Lincoln Logs from the general mayhem, I made him choose one to give away. I got the evil eye, and had to bribe a kiss with the promise of Diary Queen.

My closet, well that is a matter of its’ own. I do have clothes that I have had for at least 20 years, and I think they still fit me for the most part. That does not mean I should wear them, ever. I still had some polyester stints in there from my working days, some success suits from my direct sales days, and lots and lots of shoes. I have a shoe thing. Or had, since now my wardrobe consists mainly of cowboy boots, hiking boots, and tennis shoes that lift your butt. I have not worn heels for at least 4 years, yet, I still had 3 pairs of heels, with price tags in my closet, nestled in with all their buddies. What can I say?

I took a deep breath, and plunged in. I stuffed a giant bag with clothes for WEAVE, and another for the thrift store. I am over the initial shock, and might go back in tomorrow and take out some more.

I packed my car, and donated. I came home, and discovered that I forgot two bags, LOL.

Now, I am going to tackle more paper. I have to punch little holes in it and file. I will do so with a smile and a big glass of rum. Maybe rum & coffee….

One more night…

What I am thankful for: My kids, who are afraid I may be going insane.

What I am reading: “House of Spirits” by Isabel Allende.

House Zen-Show me the Money, or keep me from going INSANE!

This is Part 2 of my big Feng Shui makeover. If you want to see how it all started, check out Part 1, and Part 1 Update .

I know I said that I would do this in weekly increments. Don’t hold me to my word, as that is not happening. My life is too chaotic, that is why I am Feng Shui’ing and Space Clearing…see? 🙂 If you are attempting this yourself, you can either go room by room in order starting at your front door, or you can do it like me. Priority. Whatever is screwed up the most in my life gets attention first. I would love to show my very tidy Health & Family area, unfortunately my children were creatively making a video with my camera and somehow changed the settings. Now, if I were more organized, I would know where to find my instruction book…..I did find some treasures out there!! A beautiful blue glass lantern, a beautiful blue glass water bottle from Italy that expired in 2003, several art supplies times two, etc…I also found some B&W poster of Rasta kids, I am passing these on, email me quick if you want them!

As were are going by urgency, I am tackling “PROSPERITY” next, which happens to be in my purple (yeah…good prosperity color!) kitchen. I will show you pictures, and here my kitchen is in a pretty good state. Normally that little table is aching under STUFF, and so are the counters, as we do not have dishwasher (an electric one that is, this is why I have children :)….).

My goal is to clear off that table, as I like to sit here and have coffee, or use the table for baking, PlayDoh making, etc. As you can see, we don’t have alot of cabintet space. We have 3 cabinets and a very interesting “junky” drawer to clear out. Once it is all done, we were going to paint, but I am not ready to let go of my purple, so I will do some enhancements that I will post.

Simultaneously, I am going to clear my bedroom, my KNOWLEDGE & SELF HELP area (snort!! No wonder I am so damn air-headed!) as I go through the heaps of stuff to find not only my camera book, but also my beading tools. I cannot bead any Goddesses right now as my pliers and tools have VANISHED!! I think it is a sign to get my butt in gear, as my bedroom is supposed to be my ZEN place. This used to be my office. When we made the switch, I swore I would organize and declutter the big built in shelf that you don’t see, as that warrants a post all of its own as I tackle it. It will take me a weekend….

This is supposed to be my “altar” area, with my Goddesses, statues, oils, candles, etc. Instead, it is a catchall for pens, glasses, crap, crap, crap :(. Plus, this dresser has to go, all the drawers are messed up. I am on the prowl for a new dresser to paint…..and make my Goddesses happy again. Don’t want to have them be pissed at me…

Clutter, clutter, everywhere……

This is sad. I left this desk in the room so I can leave my Goddeses and beads out and work on them here. As always, any clear space is taken over by PAPER …ugh.

Send me a jingle if you are joining me. We could be Clutter Busters together :)…Or send each other our grossest finds? If you are feeling inspired, check out my favorite books.
Much love,
Heike Widgetssne

P.P.S. I love y’all with smooches! I want to send you my book and make you laugh. I would love for you to BUY one, but now you can WIN your very own copy! Just sign up for FeedBlitz updates in the little index to your right. You will automatically entered every month (yeah, I know.), drawings will be held on the 30th or 31st.

House Zen-Health andFamily-Update

Ok, so it has been a WEEK, and I am still not done!

Nope, and today I decided to lounge at the lake with my kids and kajak, as the smoke wore off just enough for us to go outside (before I strangle them both!). It was fabulous, and all that pent up energy just got sucked up during 5 hours of lake play, including mine.

But have not fear, I tackled today, and am almost done enough to present what a lot of decluttering can do. If you don’t know what I am rambling on about, see WEEK ONE of my mission.

I have found TREASURE in this TRASH!!

Yes, I found 2 replacement glasses for my wall spiral, so now only one is missing :). I found enough energy lightbulbs to light my house for 3 generations. Geesh. Every time I shop I must buy lightbulbs! Note to self: No, you do NOT need lightbulbs. Ever again. I also found a huge amount of art supplies, and herbal supplies. I think I am a craft whore. When I am not making goddeses, I knit, crochet, create, and I have enough media out there to teach classes at a senior home on all these subjects, for at least 2 years…. I found enough dog treats for Rex and ALL his friends at doggy training to live off of for one week. I found food, both good and bad. I found lots and lots of bandanas and other fabulous pieces of cloth.

What does this teach us? WOMEN, STOP BUYING!!!

I am definitely a consumer. Or was, now that I do not buy new anymore, I am better. Even though I am still a thrift store junkie. Tomorrow I will tackle the huge stash of yarn, and then I will share :).

Just a little tease before the unveil:

My white stallion…wish once, wish twice……

WHAT do I smell in there???

Don’t worry Mama, I got it!!! Widgets