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Food Is my Friend

Recently, I was out to have a beer and some pub food with a friend. When our gorgeous food came (fries loaded with meat, jalapeno’s, & CHEESE!!!), I arranged my plate and snapped a picture.

“Are you food blogging now?” asks my friend.


Looking at my Instagram, you would think I do nothing but eat and drink beer & wine all the time :). I could have a worse reputation.

I am by no means a food blogger, nor do I want to be. They do some hard work, that involves lots of
prep & editing.

I just love food. I love to eat. I think “pretty” food is marvelous, and I think we have lost the art of eating. Everyone is so busy watching everything they eat, there is no more joy in enjoying food.

A short while ago, I decided I would no longer villianize food. I was getting into the flow of : watching for wheat, does it have soy?, are there preservatives, IS IT FROM CHINA????,  is it local, bla bla bla. The foods I ate as an alternative tasted blah. I was eating plainly to subside my hunger, not enjoying the food. And I was not feeling good. Food was making me feel blah.

I am going to throw in here that I was tested for a gluten intolerance, and according to that test, wheat should be my friend. To my best knowledge, I do not have any serious food allergies or issues.

I have decided to eat the foods my body craves. If it wants bread, I will either bake it myself from the best ancient grain or wheat flour I can find, or buy really expensive sourdough bread (which, btw, has fluctuating consequences for me). Same goes for pasta. If I want nothing but meat all day, I will eat nothing but meat. I find that I LOVE eating something bold & spicy, then something sweet, then bold & spicy……you get the picture. I have gone away from “food pyramid” eating to “instinct eating”.  I no longer follow any diet. I get ideas from paleo bloggers, because that matches closest to how I eat.  I love raw milk, CHEESE!!!, eggs, and SUGAR :).

I have learned to avoid foods that my body does not like. Just stay open, your body tells you when something is not working, even if it is “healthy”, or if you have eaten it all your life.  For example, my body does not love chicken right now. I have a freezer full of chickens we raised and harvested ourselves, yet my body does not want it. It does want beef, and pork only in form of bacon, prosciutto, & dry salami. And lots of fish, much of it coming out of little cans. I eat tuna, herring, and sardines, lots of them. Right now I am not loving kales & greens, but that could change as it gets colder. Salads are daily.

Since I have stopped looking at food as my enemy, my body feels better. My spirit is dancing, because it LOVES to eat!

To get back to my Instagram pictures. I don’t prepare special meals, what you see is what I eat :). I think that is why my food pictures get the most likes (apart from the many pictures of my chickens or my dog!), they are authentic. I think people can feel the joy that food is bringing me, and they like seeing happy food.

So my friends, go talk to your food! Listen to your body, eat freely, live healthy!

P.S. If you want to follow my food, and the rest of my daily adventure, log into Instagram :).

Gross, yet fantastic food of my youth. How did I survive?

Tonight, I ate a bologna ( baloney!!!)  sandwich.

Right now, I am regretting it immensely, as my stomach is crying out “What the HELL?????”

I can’t remember the last time I had a bologna sandwich on soft, crappy white bread (that you can roll into a ball) with mustard & mayonnaise. It was so good for a moment :). Bologna is one of those foods I lived on as a kid. I had phases where I only ate certain things. For a long while my bologna with mustard & mayo, then Alphabet Soup.

Strangely, coming from a mixed German/American household, these foods were like treasures to me as a child. So were Lucky Charms. My German family would not touch those foods with a 10ft pole, LOL. I ate them, and survived. I even grew up to be a healthy, happy, organic, crunchy, real food eating adult.

My husband, who I swear just does this to rile me up, will go shopping and buy $1 white bread, bologna, Fruit Loops (ew…never ate those), those strange little pie things you can buy at a gas station, $1 cookies, etc. His stomach will survive an acapolypse. He is one of those lucky humans that is trim, even though he violates all laws of food. He did gain 30 lbs this year after he quit smoking (yeah for him!!!), but he is still quite average and only snickers when I watch him eat to see if he will self-destruct.

My kids will not touch bologna :)….they will eat tongue sausage, blood wurst, and other adventurous meats, but not Oscar Meyer mystery meat.  They do, however, love to indulge in blue/red/multi-colored Slurpies from 7Eleven, and other questionable junk food that I raise my eyebrows to.

I have learned, over time, that our diet is helathy and “real” enough that our bodies will excuse an insanity moment every once in a while.  Quite frankly, our bodies also make us suffer a little (I won’t go into details, but shouts of “blue POOP!!” have rung out in this house…) so that we don’t indulge too often.

Now I am craving a bowl of Lucky Charms.

Afternoon Musings & Snacks

Fresh picked “snacks” from the garden :).

My kids are at camp this week, and my husband could not get off work, so I am ALL BY MYSELF during the day! Just me, the dog, and the chickens :). It is like I have taken off to a retreat. It is amazing how your everyday environment can change its’ energy!

Don’t get me wrong, I miss them all for a few minutes, then I get back in to my serene state of peace. I am enjoying every minute.

I had a long list of things I was going to do this week, and so far I have checked off: 0.

And that is ok.

I have decided to enjoy this time, and do only what I want. This morning, I took my dog to the river, and we went for a swim. Now I am enjoying the back yard, everything is luscious after 3 days of rain, and even though it is already 90 degrees, there is a magnificent breeze. My chicks and the chickens have found a warm spot in the sun and are dozing, and I just hauled myself up from the hammock :).

These days have given me the brain space to work up a plan for my impending new business, and also to ponder on the things I want to continue, or not. If I could give every woman a prescription for a few days, or even hours, alone…I would. I realize now why I cannot focus, on a daily basis there are a thousand things tugging at me at once.

I made a list of things I want to do this summer (this differs completely from my above list of have-tos):

1. Refresh my Italian. I already started an online course. It is free through our library. It is called Mango. Great way to learn conversation in another language, also a great way to manifest that villa/orchard I am moving to in Italy.

2. Knit socks. I finally found a pattern I can follow, and already have finished one sock, ending up with EXACTLY the amount of stiches that the pattern shows. I am amazing, and will finally have to socks that match. Now I am knitting up all that cool wool I found at thrift stores, and we will all have happy feet. I just LOVE wool socks! Want to make some yourself? Find a picture tutorial here!!

3. If you are one of my vegetarian or vegan friends, don’t watch or read this.
I just bought a pig, Sweetie, at the County Fair. The girl who raised it is a friend of my kids. By buying from her, I support her and her 4H project, and I know that I am getting a healthy, well raised, happy pig. I met Sweetie and cuddled her. Today I watched an amazing video on harvesting. Actually, 4 videos. I grew up eating every part of an animal, so this hits close to home. Now I want to raise a pig myself and harvest it. With love. I need that ranch.  If you like pork, find a farmer where you can visit, support and buy from them, and be happy that you are have magnificent food. Watch the videos on pork butchery here.

4. I am seriously going to clean out my closet and sell all those fabulous clothes I no longer wear, lots of vintage…and buy myself some brand new, red, totally outrageous cowboy boots.

5. I am going to loose 10lbs by bouncing myself silly on my fabulous Rebounder! OMG…this so much fun. I actually bought it to retrain my muscle in my leg, but dagnabit!! It is a hoot! And guess what? According to some experts, this is the key to detoxifying, since you are activating the lymphs while jumping. Who knew???

6. After much YouTube watching, I am going to plant artichokes in my front yard, even if I have to water them.

That’s all for now. More may come, I have two more spa days.

Much love,

The care & feeding of a Teenager Spirit


 My sweet teenager :).
 How often does the media implore us with horror visions of being a parent of a
teenager? Their moods, stupid antics, laziness, boredom, …..just general blah??
They suggest that we, as parents, just accept this fact as normal, and wait
until they are adults. 
Thankfully, I have been blessed with an inquisitive, verbal,
fabulous, moody, open-minded (yet opinionated),self reliant (most of the
time),  intelligent teenage girl. Oh, she
is not perfect, and the hormones and teenager cooties come through regularly,
but I feel that is a part of growing up, and needs to be dealt with just as any
other growing pain.
I have found that when I recognized to greet & nurture
my teenager’s spirit, it has made a huge difference.
There are times when my “baby” returns from events, trips,
or just spending a few hours in certain situations like this: Mean, irritated,
snarky, fatigued, sick with headaches, throat aches, stomach pains. She is
tired, and also emotionally depleted. Her little spirit is withered.
I could let her isolate herself with her iPod &
headphones, yell at her for being snarky, tell her to sleep more and text less,
Instead, I have found the correlation. “HOME”, our house
that is, is a rejuvenating sanctuary for her spirit. As chaotic as it is, it is
safe. I have learned that the magic of
helps banish that “mean teen”. I don’t mean fries, burgers, & ice
cream or other sweets. No, I see my teen craving nourishing food such as onion
soup with turmeric, nettle tea, fermented food such as sauerkraut & beet
kvaas does the trick. Within a short time, she regains her powers and is
herself again.
Society will look at small children that throw a tantrum,
and often say “They had too much sugar.” Or “No more food coloring for you!”
What if parents treated their teen throwing a “teen tantrum”
the same way they would treat a small child? I know the foods listed above are
not your average popular teen fare ( or that of kids, for that matter), and
many of them will wrinkle their nose at it. My tip? Tell them to try it, and if
it does not make them feel better, you will leave them alone with it NEXT TIME :).
Good luck!

Some fun….

Does a Goddess in the Groove “Goddess” share your life? Is one of my sweet Kitchen Witches spreading magick in your home? Are you reading my book? Post a picture on my Facebook page at, and receive a coupon for 20% for my Etsy store, no expiration :).

Also, check out my adventures of “sustainablility” at
My husband is calling me the Pioneer Woman :).

Have fun!

Happy New Year!

Just a quick post to wish you all a wonderful new 2009!

Remember, anything can happen :).

Here are a few of my favorite New Year’s Traditions:

` Clean today, not tomorrow! Sweep out the old, sit back and let the new come in and get comfy. No washing (not even hair!!) clothes, no sweeping or cleaning out closets….Do it today, if you must, take it easy and enjoy tomorrow.

` Black Eyed Peas – good luck and happy digestion :).
My simple recipe: Soak beans overnight. Drain. Fill up with water, chopped onions, chopped garlic (I use lots of both), salt pork (there’s that pig again!!), cheyenne pepper, salt, regular pepper. Cook for 2 hours or until beans are done. Yum.

` Make a list of things you want to happen in 2009. Hang it somewhere you will see it every day. Cross of things as they happen. I like to read mine over and over…great family activity 🙂

Today I spoke to my Tante Erna, who raised me for much of my life while my mama worked. She makes “Krapfen” every New Years, and puts money into a few of them. As kids, this was a thrill, especially when you got the BIG FIVE :). I am calling her next week to discuss the recipe, and will post that for 2010…

Much love. Have a safe, happy, healthy, and prosperous 2009.

What I am grateful for: My life.

What I am manifesting: Health

I would be Tiramisu with real Amaretto

Copied from my bellisama friend, Frutto della Passione, though she added a cute photo mosaic…not going to happen here, as I am very bad with instructions.

1. Favourite food scene in a movie. The makings of chocolate in “Chocolat”
2. Favourite breakfast food. French toast
3. Favourite ethnic cuisine. Italian
4. Guilty pleasure. Eclairs stuffed with whipped cream
5. Favourite ice cream flavour. Stracciatella
6. Favourite cookbook. A very old cookbook that separates the recipes into different regions, ie. Dutch, South, etc. Very, very old, my treasure. Received it from a lady who owned a B&B in San Francisco in the early 40’s :)…But I have to send my love to Paula Deen, who I would just be tickled pink to cook with.
7. Favourite snack. Guacamole
8. Favourite kitchen gadget. My new Kitchenaid food processor
9. Chocolate: dark, milk or white. Dark, just like my man :)…(haha!! I have always wanted to say that somewhere!! Fabulously trashy!).
10. If you were a dish, what would you be? Tiramisu, with real Amaretto.
11. What did you have for lunch today? Leftover noodles with egg and ketchup
12. Favourite beverage. Ice cold beer

I like the idea of not tagging anyone, but please copy if I have inspired you, and let me know!!

There is NOTHING in the fridge!

As I am driving home today after hours of socially active homeschooling (I will let you ponder on what that is :)..), and a very hyperactive spurt to the grocery store (“Look mom, I just ate all their spicy cheese samples! Want an olive???”) my husband calls:

“Hey sweetlips, what are you doing?”
“I just went to the store.”
“What store?”
(What the hell do you care????)
“To XYZ to buy organic meat, oh, and bones for Rex.”
“Did you buy anything else?”
“Yes, some other things too, but I am still going to the “big outlet store” to buy basics TOMORROW.”
“What?? We have NO food at home!”

I will spare you the rest of this conversation, as it was not very nice. Plus, I ended up cursing at everyone in front of, next to, and behind me. My son says “dumbass” again.


So I drag myself, and my very cranky kids to yet ANOTHER store to get the “oh so holy bologna” and other crap food my husband craves.

I get home, $90.00 later, and don’t have any room in the friggin’ fridge!!!!