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Well, I’ll be darned, has it been over a year?

In the last few days I have had the opportunity to meet up with old friends who I used to see on a regular basis.

Friend Nr. 1: We live 5 minutes from each other. We used to meet once every two weeks and escape to the bookstore for coffee and some laughing. Her new baby will be 1 year in Feb, and we figured out that we have seen each other twice since she is born :(…once was at a soccer field when I was walking the dog and she brought me rhubarb. So, it really doesn’t count as our time.

Friend Nr. 2: We live further apart, 20 minutes or so. We have not seen each other for over 1.5 years. Last night, we realized how much we really have in common, and why we became instant friends when we met. Our boys, only 5 days difference in age, are like soul brothers.

It made me realize that my “busy” life, which 80% of is not life enhancing, is taking over the things that make me happy. How does this happen? Very slow and steady. I end up doing alot of things that I dread to the minute I have to do them (are you nodding your head??), and get so worn out that I no longer make time for the things I love. One of them being seeing my friends that make me laugh, discuss, reflect.

Well, I am sure lucky that I am realizing this before I have lost my mind and my spirit.

Simplicity Opportunity # 3 : Ditch the “busy” stuff that is not ABSOLUTELY necessary, and pen my friends into my calendar at least once a month.

Blasting the SpiritZappers, Day 6

Today will be the day I delete all those contacts in my email that don’t make my heart happy.

The same goes for Facebook. Oddly enough, the strangest things happen when you “meet” people again after 20 some years…..Some of us grow up, and some don’t. Some just talk at you, instead of with you, which is as irritating as it was in school. And even though most of us are 40 or close to, sometimes, it feels like I am transported back to school with wrinkles…… The same holds true for people I was friends with a few years ago, we just move on.

Message to old friends:
Nothing personal, but reading your messages does not make me joyful.

In the name of the mission I am on, I will let go of you today.

Wishing you the best, and much love, Heike

I’m just not hip enough to TWIT

I signed up for Twitter account over a year ago, I think it was around the time I published my book and signed up for several different networks.

I “twitted” once, then my little Twit just sat there, bored to hell. Then a few months ago, I read all about the Twitter of Twitter, how all the “hip” and successful people are twitting, and decided I should participate.

Gawd, not much meaningful stuff you can say in 140 characters, is there?

“Today, I was sitting in the dentist chair waiting for the novocain to start working, when the weirdest thing happened! I look up, and there”

“I am at rehearsal. Talk about “suburban mama that I am not” syndrome! I am listening to this flock of moms behind me talking about one of th”

“OMG!! You won’t believe what came on my email today! After weeks of anticipation and sending out vibes to the universe, FINALLY, I see a he”

“What an ass. That is all I have to say after this meeting. I cannot believe that someone would consider him an expert in anything but nose pi”

There you have it. And though I love my friends who swear Twitter is the meaningful and exciting way to communicate with your friends….I have to admit that I really don’t need to know what they just ate for lunch, that they are waiting at the doctors office, that their kids eat buggars, etc.

It’s a little “Big Brother”, oui?

So, until I find out the magic secret behind the Twitter, I guess I am just not hip enough to Twit.

What I am grateful for: My friends and their cell phones….and never dare take away my email!

What I am manifesting: A marketing plan

Moonstruck ~ What a Moonie does when she can’t sleep….

Gemini: Today philosophical meanderings are pointless

That is what my horoscope says :).

After only 2 hours of sleep, the Moon shone and my body decided it had had enough sleep. I have been blessed with being “Moonstruck” since childhood, so I don’t even fight it. I got up and put ingredients in my bread maker (this is my fast food bread when I am too lazy to knead, rise, knead..), did the dishes from last night (the Brownies never seem to get this address), scrubbed my kitchen, made PINK, FLUFFY, super yummy cupcakes. We are going to our favorite park today to meet some friends and celebrate Benjamin’s birthday a bit belated. His little special 7th birthday just kind of came and went with all the chaos and grief happening here.

On the note of friends (and here goes my pointless philosophical meandering), I have decided to only nurture relationships that nurture me. I have realized how low my energy gets around depressing, pessimistic people, and how happy I am around people who I can discuss, laugh, research, and solve problems with. There are people who I can spend hours with, and wonder where time has gone….I now choose to only let them into my bubble. Basta.

Taken on my cellphone, at 6:20 am. Rexi loves when I wake up early!

Sleep well,

What I am grateful for: My authentic friends.

What I am manifesting: Sales.

The good and the bad, the bitchy, the happy, and the sad.

I just read another post about “friends”.

We women really seem to never grow out of the “girlfriend” stage, do we? After being so often disappointed by women who I thought were my friends, I had a stage where I had NO friends at all, because I was tired of the chick stuff.

That passed, and I had some pseudo close friends for a couple of years. I would defend them when my husband called them “fake”, because they were my friends……

He was right :)..I just did not want to register that they never came to my birthdays, never surprised me with a special anything, that they were basically never around when I needed them. Then one day it clicked, and I just let them go.


That was like a good burp, and cleared my Spirit. All of a sudden, great new women entered my life. Women who were the total opposite, but so much more like me because they were so opposite! I kept hearing myself say:”Where have you been all my life??”. They are not always happy, cheerful, beautiful, patient, craft, accomplished, successful, or sober :). But they are fabulous. They love me for me, they respect me for who I am, and if I need them (if only to drink a glass a wine or to talk on the phone after 10:30pm when my house is quiet.), they are there.

And there are my cyber sisters ;). I love you. You guys are here at 3 am with advice, back-up, and laughter.

That is what I call a friend, oui?

SOMEBODY thinks I am a good girl…

…and sent me a present :).

You know, it is sad. It seems that no one who loves me dearly thinks that I STILL LOVE SURPRISES! Except my wonderful offspring, of course, they conjour some fabulous surprises for mama.

Other than that, my life is lacking in the surprise GIFT department (I am all filled up with other surprises, thank you.)

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I received a package from a brand new “sister” today, just for me. And it is not even my birthday. And it is HANDMADE SOCKS!! She could not have possibly known how much I love handmade socks, we just met online a few months ago. I have a pair that is 22 years old.

Here they are, modeled by Heike Jr. it is like Cinderella, they fit on my feet PERFECTLY! :). Today it got super windy, and it is finally supposed to get cooler. I think it is so I can strut my new socks…

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Why I blog

I remember reading my first blogs and being wowed by the technical brains of these bloggers. It wasn’t until my friend sent me the witty Dooce that I decided that I need to blog too.

I mean really, where else can I say what I want without someone jumping down my throat or running away in tears (well, they still do, but I have the power of the delete button when they piss me off too bad, or when they are too chicken to show face and post as “anonymous”. I just LOVE me some anonymous….)? Where can I express my creative language freely? Where can I hold heated discussions that FINALLY can be seen by others so that everyone does not call ME the bitch all the time?

This blog was born.

I thought I could reach the world, send out “uplifting” thoughts and rants, gift a sale, etc, etc, etc.

I did not think that I would become addicted, and I did not think that my ego would rise and fall with the number of comments I get :). Really, I thought I left all the need to succeed when I finished high school…..

I also did not anticipate the fabulous women that would come into my life through this little window to the world. Oh my GODDESS!! I had no idea you were out there! Women who I have never met in real life, but that I would walk across hot coals for. And dare you mess with them, I will pull out my roots and deal with you….I just love them, need them, and will make the earth move to make sure my computer is always connected to them. If I did not have them in my little isolated part of the world, I would just wilt away like an abandoned flower…

A few days ago I met yet another woman, one I did not know about. I met her in real life, and when I introduced myself, she smiled and said: “I know you.” You do? I started getting a bit uncomfortable when she asked about my kids and Rex, because now I am thinking I am going to have to be rude and ask her who she is. Then she tells me that she has been reading my blog and website for a long time. She says I make her laugh, and how my posts have often pulled her out of a depression. She says she feels like we are BFF. I asked her who she is, and don’t recognize her name. She does not comment here, or anywhere else :). But she knows who she is, and I think we are going to be good friends, for real.

So when someone recently asked WHY I blog, I could have said:
1. for business
2. for exposure
3. to maximize my marketing
4. as an extension of the community of my website,


But really, I need my girls.
Much love,

Treasure Hunter and Dream Seeker

This one is long, but grab a glass of wine and stay with me.

Almost 6 months ago a friend told me about “compactors”, people who sign a contract and vow not buy anything new for 1 year. What a fabulous idea! I mulled over this some time, discussed it with the family, and we ventured into our own version of compacting. I joined our local Freecycle group, and the adventure began!

If you are wondering why I did not join and sign the compact contract, well, it is because I do not do well with rules, so I would never voluntarily inflict them on myself. And I don’t buy used shoes. And, even though some of the posts on the compact yahoo list were very helpful and informative, as with every group online, there are always a few assholes to spoil the fun.

I have always been a thrift store queen. I LOVE thrift stores…Seriously. The thought of making a great deal and saving the environment, and at the same time kicking consumerism and debt in the ass is so empowering and bitchin’ :). Finding Freecycle and a few other resource unknown to me was great. Now, when we need something big, like a drum, a dryer, 1000 legos, a watering can, a lawn mower, etc, we go to Freecycle (these are all things we have WANTED, and RECEIVED.) When I find things in my house I would never give away, but I don’t need, I put them on Freecycyle and find the perfect, thankful owner for them! My kids live in breathe in the environment, and they see Freecycle as our personal department store.

To get to the reason for this long intro: I wanted to share some keypoints of my day with you. My brain ramble will come together somewhere down there!

This morning my kids had piano and guitar lessons with our fabulous Ms.Lisa
who is just awesome! She is teaching my daughter to play the blues on the guitar, so B.B. King watch out! My 6yr old has written 2 Rexi songs for his dog and is playing them on the piano.

While they are making wonderful music, I am preparing my package to send to Oprah. Yes, that Oprah. :)…I wrap up my book and a Goddess that my kids deemed the “Oprah Goddess” in a magical little package. Now I am manifesting the package becomes invisible to all the screeners and looky-loos, and ends up in Oprah’s hands. I want to go on Oprah, that’s that. She personafies everything I want to be. Anyways, the kids were done, we sprinkled our package with magic invisi powder, and right before we walk out the door, I run to check something on the computer.

There is an email from one of my favorite thrift stores that says: TODAY ONLY ALL CLOTHES 50% OFF! OMG, my heart races!!

So off we go to the post office, then of course to the thrift store. We were like three treasure hunters, making our way through the crowd. We unearthed:

3 pairs of Levi’s for me (My ass is special. Only certain jeans fit my ass, and I never find any. Today I found I had to buy them all. If I would have found 10, I would have bought them too….)
1 pair of jeans for Mr. Heike
1 pair of shorts for Mr. Heike
1 pair of capris for me, and 1 pair for Heike Jr.
1 bathing suit for me, and 1 bathing suit for Heike Jr.
4 long sleeved cotton shirts
1 blouse
1 dress (notice I am not writing who gets what…)
1 hand crochet blanket for my fabulous vacation van
, or future home.
1 salad spinner and 1 vegetable cutter
1 pair of shoes
1 beautiful goddess jewelry box, brand new, for Heike Jr because she is so wonderful.
1 truck for Heike Jr. #2, because he is so wonderful.
My total? $46 with tax!!!!
Whew! Let me fan myself!!!

To celebrate our finds, we went to Haggin’s and had our first fruit freezes for the year. You know, to acclimate ourselves for the summer.

I ended this successful day with salmon, wine, 2 hours on the phone with long-time-not-seen-friends-who-are-fabulous-and-inspiring, and a little teary-eyed blogging (see buttons to your right under my goddesses, and check these women out! Let’s send out some cyber love!!)

Almost fini.

P.S. I want to mention the BLOGHER ad you see on the sidebar. BlogHer is a women owned company, and I am honored to be on their blogger roll. I am talking quality info and ads, I never have to worry that you will see kacka. Plus, you can see what some other bloggers are doing :). Now they are asking for YOUR opinion, to make the network even better. And you can win prizes (Nothing like like a surprise prize for this mama!). So please take a moment to check out


Is he buried in the backyard?

My friends are asking me if I buried dh in the backyard, since they never see him anymore (maybe they secretly think he finally left me, but burying him seems the nicer thing to ask??).

My kids’ new friends have asked if my kids have a dad? 🙂

On the homefront, I received a complaint: “Why am I never in a picture on your blog?”.

Meet Mr. Heike:

And no, I did not just pick up a dark handsome stranger at My Place of Worship and ask him to pose as Mr. Heike for this picture. Look, he has my dog.

Thank Goddess for the internet, Part 2

Yesterday I told you about the wonderful woman I met on the internet, Antoinette of Creatress’s Creations. We had so much fun emailing, we decided to meet for coffee today.

We did a Goddess Exchange!! :)…Don’t be jealous, but I received 3 (!) super cool necklaces, picked out JUST FOR ME!! Antoinette puts little treasures in resin and makes pendants out of them. She picked a shell (for the mermaid in me), and a woman out of an old magazine (for the vintage kitscher in me!), as well as making me a necklace out of many different red hued beads. How did she know I was into red this week as I am clearing my first chakra??? Who knows…Coincidently, we have discovered many common traits, and many paths that have brought us together. Antoinette picked my purple star goddess to be her own, and they are a perfect match!

I would post some pics for you, but unfortunately I have no idea where my camera cable is taking residence at this time. We are also missing: one checkbook, one Titti Bear (Purple, and roars. A reward is offered!), one Athena shoe belonging my dh’s doll, one computer ear phone that lets me use Skype while on my laptop.

Now, if the real live ME, and my boisterous children did not scare her away, I have met a soul sister on the internet :).