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Slo’ Mo

Usually, I write about how “chaotic” my life is. I seem to attract chaos, and when it gets too quiet, something happens to rattle our lives.
On SuperBowl Sunday, my husband and I embarked on a 4 hour drive to Yosemite. Even though I live in California, I have never been. Yosemite was on my bucket list (still is, you will see why), and so for Christmas my husband gave us a one romantic night stay at a beautiful resort in the heart of the park. Our first reservation was cancelled because a mammoth storm rolled in and they closed the park. We rebooked, and headed out early a few weeks later.

About an hour from our destination, on a remote road somewhere in the pastures of California with no phone signal, our car started acting up. We have had trouble with it over the last year, but kept getting it fixed. I was pissed, but we pushed on until we made it to a town and an auto store (because our oil warning light came on). We opened the hood, poured in oil, and it came right back out under the car.
To make a long story short, we were 20 miles from the hotel. We found a mobile mechanic, finally made it to the hotel, he patched up our car. We spent the day in the hotel lobby, venturing out on walks, etc. At 7pm on Monday, and $500 later, we got our car back and were on the freeway home, praying to the Universe all the way.
At home, our car got the death verdict.
Now it is sitting in our driveway with all its’ new and fancy parts, dead. I live in suburbia, I might as well be dead too without a car.
It is AMAZING how much rely on our car!
On the other hand, we are adjusting. I am beneftting the most, as I do not have to chauffeur anyone. Everyone has to become more self sufficient. Yesterday, I did not leave the house. I stayed home, took care of paperwork & animals, planted beans in the rain, cooked, trained with my dog. Today, I took my dog & my daughter for a walk in the rain, then I walked to the store in the rain, and now I am sitting here FINALLY writing a blog post after how many months???j
I was outside sitting on the patio doing absolultely nothing but watching the rain, when I realized that my Volvo breaking down once again gave me a freedom pass.
A pass to slow down and stay put, instead of driving someone somewhere. A pass to say “no” to at least three things that I never like to do, but feel obligated to do anyways (“sorry, I don’t have a car right now…..”). A pass to save money, because the only store that is really in walking distance is the .99 cent store, and the only thing I buy there is sponges & plastic gloves…how many of those does a girl need? I have finally started reading the mystery I have had for months, and can hardly put it down. I have been puttering around, collecting things to donate, filing paperwork, throwing things out that have been neglected way to long.
All in all, I am in a happy, slo’ mo state.
My favorite quote, adjusted with my own words:
Turn every shitty situation into a learning opportunity.
Much love,

Make a Wish ~ The perfect beginning

My Solstice night came and went without much fanfare. Low key. We had a make-shift Yule log in the fire, played cards, talk about what we wanted to release, and about the new opportunities waiting for us. We made Wishbread. Many of my friends stay up all night, we lit a candle and went to bed.

This morning I woke up to a giant Wishbread! In the oven it goes, and when my family wakes up, we will have warm, sugary, blessings on our table, paired with spiced coffee and grass fed butter.  The first day of the new year is starting perfectly.

I am taking these last moment of “quiet” time to write down the flood of thoughts I had when waking.

I am blessed, though not perfect in any way. I have flaws, make mistakes, am a bit temperamental. I love, laugh, cry, and learn every day.

Our world is full of opportunities and wonderful people.

My family is pure joy to me, even though there are moments I forget that.

Shit happens, and you deal  with it. Using it as an opportunity to learn & deal has kept me sane and made me stronger.

The people who touch my life every day, on the street and via my computer, are like treasure boxes I find while wandering.

Off to have coffee & bread!
Wishing you a wonderful NEW year.
Much love,

Attitude of Gratitude – Day 6

I am grateful for my children.

They are just fabulous. They are funny, smart, brave, adaptable, curious, alert, aware…and they constantly drive me up the wall. One at a time, they tag team :).

I watch them sometimes, and I could just cry, they are so wonderful. I am often in situations where I thank the Universe that I was gifted with THESE two children. They are so different, yet they have a strong root of ME in them.

That in itself, can be scary :).

Gratitude List

Not only on Thanksgiving should you be thankful.

Wise Dr. Wayne Dyer once said something that stuck with me (don’t quote me, the thought is important here!):”Take every tragedy or disappointment in your life, and turn it into a learning opportunity.”.

Wow. What a shift of attitude! So, next time shit hits the fan, you get a huge unexpected bill, you go to fill up your gas tank, you buy organic food in California and loose your breathe from sticker shock….remember…..

Make it a learning opportunity.


Seriously, it made me think back to the some of the trials that happened in my life, and I must say that good things have come from them. 10 years later for some, but good. The car accident that broke my back, but slowed me down enough to retrack my life and bless me with a beautiful family and a crazy dog (who, BTW, passed his first OFF LEASH test in the park today!!! GOOD BOY!!). Event recent “kaka” happened for a reason, and opened my eyes both to truth, and opportunity.

I made a new “thank you” list. Things that I am thankful for right now. I pull this out whenever I feel like the world is against me and everyone is trying to piss me off personally.

I will share some of the things, but not all:

1. My husband (who drives me up the wall, but has patience for me being me.)
2. My kids (ditto, but I love them to death. They are amazing, creative, smart, and oh-so-much little ME!!).
3. My dog (yes, not only for dog lovers. We do love our dogs, but I swear, Rex was sent to me to teach me patience, and a little humility. And pride….)
4. My family (Mama, Oma, Erna, and all the people who raised me so well. I just love ’em to death too.)
5. My tribe (My women)
6. My brain. It is good. It searches, thinks, and works when I need it to.
7. My past. Both good and bad. It makes me wiser.
8. My passion. My drive to get what I need.
9. My creativity. I don’t know where I would be without it.
10. My roots. They run deep, and old, and they come through when I need them.
11. My iMac (yes, it is my line to the world. I love my computer to death too…and am eyeing a newer MacBook so senior can get a much deserved break.
12. food. I am happy that we can always have good food…….

Now go make your list. And do please share……

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