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Be one with nature :)…and learn.

If you are homeschooling, or if you just want to get out and enjoy Mother Nature with your kids of all ages, this is an excellent resource.

You will find challenges, beautiful pictures, experiences…all from a “real life” mom, and real kids :). This is how we do science!

Check out her beautiful trees & snow, and new ebook. There are also many free resources on her site :).

Happy forging!

Is whacking a cushion considered P.E.?

It is that time of year….everyone is going “Back To School” shopping. We are too, as we love the deals on pencils, erasers (we luv us some erasers!!!), highlighters, and those yummy, stinky white erase board markers that are just too much fun. Thankfully, I don’t have to buy uniforms, trendy clothes, or gigantic backpacks with iPod connectors. We are all getting a new pair of hiking boots that cost over $12. A girl has to splurge where she must.

We just completed our annual homeschooling conference, and I am home, feeling inspired. Not by the mess and chaos this mega weekend has created in my house, but of the possibilities…all the POSSIBILITIES!

I was fortunate to hear Jon Young of the Wilderness Awareness School speak. Wow. Here is another author whose book I have possessed for a while but never delved into, who brought it alive for me by talking about parts of it. (On that note: I intend to take parts of my book live, as I see how alive the spoken word can be!). His depiction of “community” really spoke to me, and I am sure a future post will get into this more deeply as I dissect and order my thoughts on it.

I met many new friends, and saw and learned of many new homeschooling approaches. Geesh, we are lucky. I will come back to this post when my kids are driving me up the wall :), and I am scratching at the doors of a school BEGGING for them to let my kids in, LOL.

Seriously, the POSSIBILITIES….

Next week we are “officially” starting school. My kids, being a bit older now, are fully involved in the choosing of classes and curriculum, and my oldest is responsible for journeling some of her work for our records.

I know “school” is about to start for us when I asked my children to do this:

…and they ask me if it counts as P.E.


All is well…..

What I am reading: Fiery Cross (from the Outlander series)
What I am thankful for: My life.
What I am manifesting: Organization

What I decide now will shape a future human

As a mom, I am constantly faced with decisions that will form my child for life. I remember having to choose the right preschool for my oldest, so that she can get into the right Kindergarten, otherwise she would be scarred for life and NEVER get into the right college. Lots of “rights”, better not get that wrong!

I was terrified, double guessing every move. We made it through PreS, and then entered a Montessori school. My kid seemed bright enough, she certainly inherited a well working mouth piece and knew how to use it. She also started talking late, never sounded out letters or memorized the alphabet, but was reading at 12th grade level in 3rd grade.

We started homeschooling in 5th grade, for many reasons. I have weighed the pros and cons of this decision over the years, and do every day :).The pro days are when my two kids take something they hear in a History lesson about the ancient city of Mohenjo Daro, Google it, and spend 3 hours exploring this mysterious place….and the same time learning not only time lines, but how they were ruled, how they lived, that they had a full fledged water and sewage system, etc.
Con days are when they drive me crazy because they want to go “play”, but there is no one to play with until after 3, etc, etc. (Please don’t press my “socializing button”, it is NOT the main defunct of homeschoolers, really.)

Anyways, we went to a school info night today. IF, and I say IF, Heike Jr. is to go to Middle School next year for 7th grade, it will be to this International Baccalaureate (IB). But my problem is that the classes they show for 7th and 8th grade are what we are doing this year, my 11 and 6 year old. Except the IB does it as a group and teaches global relationships :), to all gifted students (determined by STAR testing). And there is the whole “socialization”, which honestly, I think is like getting cooties from someone you don’t know :). (My strange analogy…will explain another time.)


I have agreed to ponder and attend a visitation day while we discuss this matter. Again, I am being faced with a decision that will shape the future of child #1. Child #2 benefits from the experience :)…

What I am thankful for: Choices

What I am manifesting: Clarity

And we ended it with a baaaa and some cow poop

Our school year is OFFICIALLY over!

And we survived our first year of homeschooling! It was a year of trial and errors, and growth. Of course, next year we will do everything different!

Thursday was our last day of school, and what better way to celebrate this than at the County Fair??? I am a woman of little words today, so I will visually guide through some high points:

Dolly, who has to be the coolest sheep ever! I just wanted to take her home! No worries, she was not being mistreated, and her wool was super soft. Imagine shearing her and spinning up a sweater!

Our little Garden in a Wheelbarrow. Yes, we were official entrants. Our garden turned out a bit sad, especially after a raccoon (REX!!!) dumped the first set of seeds, and we were obliged to use the seeds they furnished. Or so we though, as we received a letter 2 weeks before our drop off that we could add MORE to it. Ok, that was not happening. Our story board rocked though, and I think we should have won 1st place!

I admit, I am a cow lover. The smell of cow poop takes me right back to my childhood, and the animal barns are always my first destination at the Fair. I am happy we are vegetarians now, that was always a bit of a sticky situation, you know, kiss the cow on the head and then bite off her butt…..Heike Jr. #2 is a true farmer, and he and I will buy a farm one day while the other half of the family lives in the city and makes the big bucks…I swear this baby cow was talking to him!

The way to end the day, my favorite cake, thankfully sent to me by genius and soul saver Paula Dean. May I present: The Hummingbird Cake (minus the frosting!). Check out who is waiting for me to turn my back, ’cause he likes my Hummingbird Cake too!!