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Dolce far Niente – or – the art of doing NOTHING. Replay.

img_4049I am sure I have used this title in the past. But you know how the saying goes: Do something for at least 10,000 hours and you will be an expert.

Only a few thousand hours in, I have mastered the art of doing nothing. Me: mother of two, wife of one, keeper of chickens & a dog, community leader, 4-H parent, chauffeur, family referee, business women crafter, housecleaner, cook……

All you need is a like-minded friend and place to go. Off grid is preferred, but not necessary.

I am writing you while sitting on the porch, overlooking the majestic Lake Tahoe. This is the third time my friend, and partner in crime, Marie (you will recognize her as the other half of TwoWitchesinSuburbia) and I have rented a car and made our way up here.

We pack clothes, paint stuff, witch stuff, books, computers, practical shoes…..

I pick her up, and our first stop is to buy food. We both love to eat, so our basket is filled with bread, cheese, prosciutto, fruit, COFFEE, wine, snacks, etc.  Some would call it indulgent, we call it getting back to our European roots.

The ride up the mountain is leisurely, with lots of stops for coffee, random historic site adventuring, etc.

When we arrive, we unpack the food, open a bottle of wine, and exhale.

That last sentence about describes our weekend: Dolce far Niente.

We have figured out why we are such good friends for 16 years. We can both just be. We do not need to be entertained, we do not talk all the time, we do not need to “do” things. We talk short walks to make space for more food, plus the high elevation just about takes our breathe away when we just venture to the beach. We decided “going hiking” was overrated the first time we came here.

We can sit up here, stare at the lake, and be completely content. As long as there is food, and wine.

Our everyday lives are CRAZY. We are both artist’s and life entrepreneurs. We live in suburbia, and between us, we have 5 children, 2 husbands, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and lots of chickens. The families revolve around us all the time, and we manage just about every aspect of them. We both sell art, we both manage businesses. When we are here, we are just Heike & Marie, basta.

With that said, my message to you today is short & sweet:

Take some time away for yourself and just enjoy LIFE. Sit quietly and realize all the things that are good in your world. Breathe.

img_1223 img_1217 img_1211 20160924_095423 20160923_170502 20160923_164047 img_20160923_173715 img_20160924_102519 img_20160924_160528

Last five images courtesy of Marie Delange-Carlson :).

You can follow our every day adventures at Goddess in the Groove and Marie Delage-Carlson



Even good Shit can get overwhelming

It is 3am, and I am contemplating the purpose of life.

I was asleep, but was awakened by my frantic dog, barking at the door and intermittently coming to get me to tell me something is wrong. A houseparty up the the street from me must have exploded, there are hundreds of loud, slightly stupid sounding kids on my street. God, I hope my kids never sound or act like that. I can hear the police approaching, the crowd outside is getting antsy.

Anyways, I digress. 25 minutes later the street was back to its’ normal, quiet, sleepy suburbian boring self. My dog is now sleeping soundly under my bed, and I am fully awake.

After several rounds of guided meditations, a sleepy tea, an audiobook that did not grab me, some exercise….I decided to go the library and play book roulette. “A Love Story” popped up, I put it on my iPad, and was pleasantly surprised. An collection of short stories!

The first story is about Mavis, who locks herself in a bathroom for a week to think.

I have not finished the story, but am in love with Mavis. And I am jealous that I only have one bathroom. The thought of locking myself into a bathroom for a week, with food that I love (not nourishing, that I love), books, magazines, something to write, and maybe my wi-fi, is fantastic. I would also buy myself a one cup coffee machine for this adventure.

Lately, I have been restless and sleepless, and all around annoyed. I am not sure what is triggering this insolence, but I can feel little tentacles of bitchiness coming out. In one way, it is helping, as I am ruthlessly purging things that don’t make me happy, and that is a big feat right now. On the other hand, I took a pause in reading with Mavis to ask myself “What is wrong?”.

7733821_origI have a great family. I am not kidding, my husband, though truly nerve wracking, is a good and hardworking man. And obviously gifted with a inhumane amount of patience, as we will be married 20 years next week. I am not easy. My kids are both fantastic, spoiled, but fantastic. I have a house in suburbia, lots of stuff in it to keep my creative spirit busy, a dog, chickens, a back yard, wi-fi…..I don’t have a 9-5, so my crazy sleep/ no sleep schedule is doable. I really don’t know how I would function in the real world, I would have to take drugs.

Back to Mavis living in her bathroom. I am drawn to her because we are both yearning for the simple life. I am almost feel as if my life, and the stuff in it, are taking my breathe away. I am tempted to pimp out my van and go live in it. But then where would everyone else sleep?? How would the kids get to school and function? Who would cook heavy, meat based dinners for my hardworking husband, and where would all this damn laundry go??

Sitting here in the quiet, yet chaotic dining room sipping my warm milk with turmeric, I think I have hit the nail on the head.

Too much shit. Even good shit can get overwhelming.

Too many little responsibilities and needs of others suck away energy from the true purpose of what I am here for. Don’t get me wrong, being the mother of these gorgeous humans, and the wife/friend to my husband, the daughter to my mama, and the friend to my few, but true friends is fulfilling. Yet, I also want to find the energy to work with young women, find my witchy circle of women for ritual and growth, go camping by myself in the redwoods, publish my ebook, make KitchenWitches for fun and give them away (I had this dream that I traveled around and delivered custom KitchenWitches to women in different situations, and just made their day. I was like Ellen, only with Witches. It was fabulous, and now is on my “to do” list), things that make my spirit grow and bring in money to support it all comfortably. On that note, I also want another shepherd puppy.

It is time make things clear and simple again, and I need to do it before I am 79 and locked in a bathroom.

How are you finding your life’s purpose, Beautiful??

How the heat awoke my “Spirit”.

IMG_3817My family always makes fun of me when I say “The heat is taking my breathe away”. They say I am like a sensitive flower :). I think there could be worse things to be called.

But in all reality, the heat makes me stop. I can’t imagine how workers outside, or our firefighters, survive in this hell. After a week of 105 and up, it finally hit me yesterday.

My body went on strike. It scared me a little, as my heart rate went up, and I physically felt BAD. Bad enough that I cancelled all appointments, cranked up the A/C, and went to sleep. I could hear my heart beat in my ears. Unfortunately, sleep did not heal, and I woke up still feeling sick. To make a long story short, I ended up going to measure my blood pressure, and it is high. I went back to sleep, and after 6 hours of day sleep and lots of extremely weird dreams, I have come to a revelation.

I need to move somewhere cooler. The summers here are getting worse, and we are surrounded by concrete.

I think my body is giving me a warning. I have been neglecting it. I have been working nights on a project, and not sleeping in the day to replenish. Only 2-3 hours of sleep per day are just not enough.

In regards to #2, I have to learn to put “health & well-being” back on priority spot #1. I find myself, and many of my friends, just straggling from one thing to another, and not embracing the center, Spirit, first. That is detrimental.

Stress is a bitch. We may not realize it, but stress is killer, and we are exposed to it all the time. I had the weirdest, visual stress dream. Stress comes in many forms, and it can slowly eat away at you. A perfectly easy remedy: Nature. I just went outside to water my heat battered garden and mist the chickens, and just being out there barefoot made me feel better. Whatever your life situation is, take at least 15-30 minutes to take a walk, swim, or run in nature. Go by yourself, if possible. This way you can turn your thoughts to your spirit and replenish. I am making it a point to implement this again daily.

We are bombarded daily with “stuff”. Commitments, bills, schedules, internet, news, etc. I just spoke to my friend, whose parents live completely off grid. Sustaining themselves with nature, living off the land, no TV. She said they rose and went to sleep with the sun, and she did not know what day it was a few days in. Imagine that bliss! Even though this way of life may not be for everyone, it certainly is a vast contrast to what most of us living.

What does this all have to with the terrible heat? Who knows! At first I thought the heat was beating me down, but maybe it is just a catalyst.

Take a few moments and contemplate your quality of life. If there is only one thing you can change to replenish your spirit, DO IT!! (Before your heart beats into ears!).

Much love!

Releasing 2014 – Shit happens

In a few days, 2014 will be over. Not sure how it got here so fast, but alas, it is here.

2014 was going to be MY YEAR. The year everything got better, I realized all my dreams, lost weight, grew all the food for my family, canned all our excess, rode a unicorn, learned to fly….etc.

I had high hopes & fantastic resolutions.

I am sitting here with my 2015 Life & Biz workbook, celebrating & releasing 2014, and realize that I

did not make shit happen. Not only that, lots of shit happened.

Why am I telling you this instead of giving you an uplifting, goddess-like inspiration for the new year? Because I am honest, and I love you :)…Because life comes with unexpected shit, and how you deal with it is what makes all the difference.

So first, be real. Gosh, if you can, order this workbook (you can get it starting at $9.99…give yourself that gift) because it really gets down to the nitty gritty, or just start with a fresh piece of paper and do the express version. Write down, color, fingerpaint all the CHALLENGES from 2014 first. Now, do the same for all the SHIT THAT HAPPENED (no, not the same thing). Have a biz, think about what happened there, what needs to change, why didn’t you make money? Be honest, this is not group therapy, no one but you is going to see this.

I have been siting here since 3am, and doing this exercise made me realize:
1. I have been lazy. Honestly, had I done half of what I said I would do in 2014, I would be further along. Maybe not all lazy, but definitely gave other things priority. Thought to ponder: Why are MY things not priority?
2. As much as I love my business/art, time to decide whether it still serves ME as a business.
3. WHY have I not started on the workshops/goals I wrote down last year?
4. Time management is crucial
5. It is ok not to fill out all the blank spaces someone else created (there is a metaphor there)
6. Clutter and un-organized living suck…literally. Both suck the energy out of your soul & house. Plus, I am spending more time looking for crucial things like receipts and other things I need than I am on working my biz….Now there is another metaphor.

So, I am writing down all my rants & challenges for 2014, and kissing them good-bye. Not without scrutiny though, since you should make every challenge a learning opportunity, and only make a mistake once.

Once your art piece is done, love it, hate it….if you want, send it in the fire with love. Remember, YOU are the creator of your destiny!

Much love to you!

Make a Wish ~ The perfect beginning

My Solstice night came and went without much fanfare. Low key. We had a make-shift Yule log in the fire, played cards, talk about what we wanted to release, and about the new opportunities waiting for us. We made Wishbread. Many of my friends stay up all night, we lit a candle and went to bed.

This morning I woke up to a giant Wishbread! In the oven it goes, and when my family wakes up, we will have warm, sugary, blessings on our table, paired with spiced coffee and grass fed butter.  The first day of the new year is starting perfectly.

I am taking these last moment of “quiet” time to write down the flood of thoughts I had when waking.

I am blessed, though not perfect in any way. I have flaws, make mistakes, am a bit temperamental. I love, laugh, cry, and learn every day.

Our world is full of opportunities and wonderful people.

My family is pure joy to me, even though there are moments I forget that.

Shit happens, and you deal  with it. Using it as an opportunity to learn & deal has kept me sane and made me stronger.

The people who touch my life every day, on the street and via my computer, are like treasure boxes I find while wandering.

Off to have coffee & bread!
Wishing you a wonderful NEW year.
Much love,

Life sucks

I am finding more and more that certain people love tragedy. It is as if they thrive on the negative aspects of their life, instead of the positive. Unfortunately, they have a way of influencing the circle around them, people or animals that they touch.

I am not one of those people. Actually, their aura gives me sad vibes. I want to help them. I want to pull them up by their coattails and say: “STOP!!”

Is this possible? “Thinking positive”, or the Law of Attraction, is a billion dollar industry. People want to be be happy, they want their dreams fulfilled, they WANT.  But, isn’t that counterproductive? If you WANT all the time, instead of being in a blissful state of gratefulness?

How can you be in a blissful state of gratefulness when your life is shit right now??

Now THAT is the billion dollar question.

I don’t have the answer, otherwise I would be a billionaire :).

This is what I have learned, and what I live by now: Even when things suck, and it seems to be getting worse, there is SOMETHING in your life that you can be grateful for. THAT is what you want to think about, that is what will make you smile, and help pull you out of the rut. You take whatever challenge you have, and think about what you are supposed to learn from it.

We are going through some challenges now, and that is exactly how I am keeping from freaking out. I am analyzing the situation, picking out what my lesson is. I remind myself of all the fabulous things I have every day: my family, my friends, my dog who is definitely a teacher on primal & simple living (more on that later), my home. I have lots of things in abundance, much of what I don’t need right now. These things make me reflect on the reason I bought them, and that makes is very easy for me to give them away to friends, with love. They think I am doing them a favor, when they are actually doing ME a favor :).

My advice? Get quiet,  move away from panic, ground yourself (leaning up against a tree, by yourself, is like a miracle worker touching your brain), and learn your lesson. Then, remind yourself that you are powerful, and figure out step one. Leave behind any inhibitions, and just DO IT.

Always remember: YOU are the creator of your own destiny.

The Universe has got your back!
Much love,

Join me on an adventure….

As you may know, I have been on quite a journey in the past months. Sometimes consistant towards my goals, sometimes consistant all over the place :)!

I have found that all things go better in the company of friends….so I hope you will join me in the next few months as I begin a more “charted” journey of discovery, fulfillment, goal setting, implementing, sweeping out the old, and welcoming the new.

When I say “join”, I do not mean to just watch me, I hope you will “join” me interactively! I have been thinking about this for a while, and it one of the reasons I have let go of third party ads, etc. I want this to be a place of sharing, and support. Sharing of stories, of success, of challenges. Tears of joy, and tears of frustration.

No judgement, no opinions, only support & sharing.

We will share via the comments. Official beginning will be the Sunday after the next New Moon, and will will work with the magic of the moon. No worries, there will be no pressure, no grading, and it will fit in with your life, however chaotic you may think it to be. I promise :).

If you are ready to grab my hand and join this circle, say “AY”!

Much love,

No Snow, but we did almost run into Scooby Doo……

Yesterday, we were supposed to go play in the snow. Unfoturnately, the day before yesterday Spring decided to pounce on us, and it melted all the snow below 8000 ft :(. Since we were only going to get away for a few hours while our paint dried, we did not make the trip.

Instead, we took the kids to their favorite park, and guess what?

We ran almost ran into Scooby Doo. He must have JUST left to solve another mystery….

In the life of ME

In the past weeks I have been doing a lot soul searching. I have decided to make some changes, and with that comes that I have to dedicate my brain and my energy to my “cause”. In this time, I do still have a lot to say, but it is not always appropriate for the public :)…

So, for the next few weeks I will share some snapshots from our crazy, sometimes humerous, sotimes not so, life.

Much love,

This is one of favorite stomping grounds…a few weeks ago. Now, after all the rain, it looks like this:

The water rose right up to the trees…no swimming here.

Yeah, we found a diving spot! Water, water, water……

Everybody loves them some wet dog…..

What makes you HAPPY?

Today I woke up grumpy. Super grumpy. And as the LOA works, it got worse the moment I stood up and got out of bed.

So after a few hours of grumping at everyone around me that I normally love, I decided we all needed some fresh air, and so we took a walk in the rain. This normally cheers me up.

Today, it didn’t. So as we are walking, I asked myself: “Heike, what would make you really happy right now?”. I could not think of a thing. I thought about food, people, shopping, my kids, etc. Nothing.

Thankfully, this cloud wore off before anyone disowned me.

It made me decide to make a list, a list of things that make me happy. So next time I wake up in a funk, I can grab my emergency list before things get ugly.

My list is kind of funny, and I am not going share publicly. I dare you to sit down with your deepest self and think about what makes you happy. And don’t just write down the spiritually and socially acceptable stuff, be honest and keep the list private if need be. One of my items: xx. Make a super find at the thrift store for under $5. (Really, this thrills me immensly).

The little things in life………….