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Put it in a box and send it to the Universe / Spellboxes

Blessing the items for my Spellbox

Spellboxes are fantastic! They can take on any size, shape, color, etc. They are open to your imagination.

I see a Spellbox as a vessel to send my wishes to the Universe.

I like to use jars.

You can fill a Spellbox with all kinds of magic. Notes with wishes (written as if they already are: “Money comes to me easily”, “My body is strong”), herbs, rocks, glitter, treasures. For money spells, I add coins & bills, or shiny things. I always add herbs that support what I am asking for. I like to add rocks or other things I find on my river walks. As I am adding the items, I speak to them and let them know what their role is.

If I want to ban something from our lives (this can include health issues, bad bills, etc), I make a separate Spellbox and line it with aluminum foil. I write the things I want to ban on little slips of paper, and again, read them out loud as I add them to the jar.

There are no rules. Spellboxes are intuitive. You add what feels right.

Once you are done, you want to give it one more blessing or instruction, and a thank you, before you seal the lid. I just put glue around the rim of the jar before I glue on the lid.

I put mine out during Full Moon to enhance the magic, and bury them the next day. Sometimes on my property (if they are prosperity boxes), sometimes in the woods (if I am banning), or by the river (because the river is magic :)…).

This is also a wonderful thing to do with children!

Happy Full Moon, Beautifuls!

Goddesses with Magic in their belly

Custom Goddess I recently finished.

The first Goddess I made was for myself.

She literally came to me to keep me from going insane.

My daughter was five, and my son was just a few weeks old, and I thought I was going to loose it. Now, I think I may have had a bought of Postpartum Depression, then I just thought I was overwhelmed. One night, the Goddess just popped in my head, a beautiful round form, with the message to go to the craft store buy some clay and make it happen. She was big and purple, and a little crude, but I put her on a silk string and wore her ALL THE TIME. Her weight on my chest, and the fact that I could grab her when in need, gave me a certain confidence.

Strangely enough, I cannot find a picture of her anywhere today. She was the beginning of my Goddess journey. People began commenting on her, asking me if she was a fertility Goddess (she had similar forms as the Goddess of Willendorf). Inside: “Hell no, I made her because these two beautiful humans I have are driving me insane!” On the outside, I smiled and said “No, she is the Goddess for whatever you need her to be”.

Friends began asking me to make them Goddesses for different reasons. Then I made one for a friend who was trying to get pregnant for a long time, and she made the announcement a few months later. With that, I became the Goddess Maker.

I would make Goddesses with trinkets, herbs, stones, even hair, all kinds of things in their belly, including lots of intention specific to the person I was making her for, and Moon Magic.

I also began making “everyday” Goddesses, knowing that the right person would find their Goddess, but continued making custom Goddesses over the years.

Now, I take on a limited amount of custom Goddesses. They are beautiful and draining at the same time. The take my energy, and my patience. When I take on a custom Goddess project, I always explain the ritual, because that is exactly what it is: a ritual. I also let the potential wearer know that in the end, I may not be able to make them a custom Goddess at all. It is rare, but has happened.

Once I have been told the “mission” of the Goddess, I can usually see her within a few minutes of talking. I get an idea of favorite colors, but honestly, the Goddess goes where she pleases. I have had Goddesses change color completely 3+ times! Once I see her and pass that on, the making process begins! I incorporate the belly magic, paint, paint, paint. That is when the Tango begins. The Goddess and I dance back and forth, until we finally agree and I can finish. I have made them for recently graduated women firefighters, much wanted pregnancies, Menarche boxes, gifts for little goddesses, sister Witches, etc. The missions are endless & wonderful! Then I just have to wait for a Full Moon to bless her, and she can be off to to her magic!

Much Love,

P.S. You can find YOUR Goddess here. Or contact me at heike (at) for custom Goddess availability. xoxo

If you could travel to any moment in your past, where would you go?

The magic of time travel!

I love reading books about time travel, of course Outlander had me hooked with the first book, and the Discovery of Witches had me up all night.

If someone granted me ONE, only ONE, opportunity to travel to a certain time in my life, where would I go? At first, this seemed like a no-brainer. But, the more I thought about it, the harder it got.

Do I go back to the moment before my car accident, the one that broke my back and changed my life in a second? Would I leave the house a few minutes earlier, maybe have an extra cup of coffee that would make me more alert? Would I avoid the dog I veered away from? Or would it matter, since I am the only one who saw the giant creature? As in any story, changing fate, thus eliminating this bitch of a milestone from my life, would change the course. I would have gone to New York. Even though I believe strongly that my children chose me, I am sure not having their daddy in the mix would have made different children, and I would not give them up for anything. They are the best thing I have ever done.

Do I go back to the day my daddy died? I was on his porch that morning, cutting his hair with trimmer side of his electric razor because we could not find decent scissors. His beautiful, thick white hair. He was a traumatized soul, stuck in a reality he could not deal with without alcohol. That morning, we were laughing and joking, and he said “When I die, just throw me by the side of the road and let the County pick me up!” Macabre, later. He also made sure I knew he wanted to be cremated, an issue I had to fight for later with the family. I left him at 1pm to pick up my daughter. I hugged him, kissed him goodbye, and saw him for the last time. Spiky haircut & no teeth behind his kooky smile. It still brings tears to my eyes. A few hours later I got the call, he was dead. He knew it was coming, I did not. I would have stayed with him and called 911.

Do I go back and see my Oma one last time? Just to give her a hug & kiss, and tell her how much I love her? Tell her how much she influenced me, and that her praise meant the world to me? Whenever I felt like shit as a new mom, or when I was homesick, I would call my Oma. LIke she knew, she would say something like “I just got the photos you sent. You are doing such a great job, I am amazed how you do all this!”. I miss her dearly.

The more I think about this, the harder it gets. So many situations that were traumatic, but the things that came from them are pivotal. Accidents, bad choices, bad situations…So many last goodbyes. Then there are the fantastic moments, the ones I remember that make me smile instantly and make my heart warm & fuzzy. Go back and experience them again?

The Universe keeps giving me learning opportunities, and I am going to ponder on this more, teary eyed & laughing at the same time.

Just in case my wand wielding Fairy Godmother shows up to grant me that ONE time chance!

Where would YOU go?

Much love,

The end of a Challenge, and the Goddesses it created

I just posted the last of the 30 28 Day Goddess Challenge Goddesses :).

It was interesting. First of all, I don’t know what the hell I was thinking to do this in May. May is the craziest month of my life. Maybe that was part of the challenge?

My thought was to make a Goddess a day. Well, I ended up with 19. It is just not physically possible to make a Goddess a day, they are all hand made from scratch, paint has to dry, heads need to butt. Quite frankly, making Goddesses sometimes means that a pink Goddess ends up being silver with a wolf on it. They have a mind of their own. Then we had to wait for full moon :).

The idea was to see what happens when there is “pressure to perform”. In performing, I mean to make myself sit with the goddess until something happens. This was a challenge for me. I am impatient, my life is crazy, I get distracted. This meant I had to sit, and tell my kids, dog, husband, phone, computer, and mother that I was “busy” until I was done painting. It meant I had to go outside and take pictures BEFORE I chauffeured anyone or did laundry.  It meant putting my Goddesses first, my art, and the rest of my life second.


It also gave me time to remember why I started this in the first place. Why I make bold, strong Goddesses for women to wear. Because they are magic, and the stories that come back to me are uplifting, heart-breaking, and fantastic at the same time. Wearing a Goddess is a message to the world, and I am the one who brings the Goddesses to the women. It is an honor. 

The really neat thing is the I LOVE each  one of the challenge Goddesses! They are quite different. One has to stay with me, she is my “chosen one” :). It happens. We bonded.

I can’t wait to see where they go.
Much love,

The care & feeding of a Teenager Spirit


 My sweet teenager :).
 How often does the media implore us with horror visions of being a parent of a
teenager? Their moods, stupid antics, laziness, boredom, …..just general blah??
They suggest that we, as parents, just accept this fact as normal, and wait
until they are adults. 
Thankfully, I have been blessed with an inquisitive, verbal,
fabulous, moody, open-minded (yet opinionated),self reliant (most of the
time),  intelligent teenage girl. Oh, she
is not perfect, and the hormones and teenager cooties come through regularly,
but I feel that is a part of growing up, and needs to be dealt with just as any
other growing pain.
I have found that when I recognized to greet & nurture
my teenager’s spirit, it has made a huge difference.
There are times when my “baby” returns from events, trips,
or just spending a few hours in certain situations like this: Mean, irritated,
snarky, fatigued, sick with headaches, throat aches, stomach pains. She is
tired, and also emotionally depleted. Her little spirit is withered.
I could let her isolate herself with her iPod &
headphones, yell at her for being snarky, tell her to sleep more and text less,
Instead, I have found the correlation. “HOME”, our house
that is, is a rejuvenating sanctuary for her spirit. As chaotic as it is, it is
safe. I have learned that the magic of
helps banish that “mean teen”. I don’t mean fries, burgers, & ice
cream or other sweets. No, I see my teen craving nourishing food such as onion
soup with turmeric, nettle tea, fermented food such as sauerkraut & beet
kvaas does the trick. Within a short time, she regains her powers and is
herself again.
Society will look at small children that throw a tantrum,
and often say “They had too much sugar.” Or “No more food coloring for you!”
What if parents treated their teen throwing a “teen tantrum”
the same way they would treat a small child? I know the foods listed above are
not your average popular teen fare ( or that of kids, for that matter), and
many of them will wrinkle their nose at it. My tip? Tell them to try it, and if
it does not make them feel better, you will leave them alone with it NEXT TIME :).
Good luck!

Show me your Buttocks, and make me smile :)…

When I was growing up, everything happened in the kitchen. I grew up in big, brownstone buildings, and the winters in Germany were COLD. There was only one room that was heated during the day, the kitchen :). In the evening, the oven in the living room would be fired up for a few hours, but the kitchen is where it was happening. I think it is in the blood, the kitchen is still my favorite part of the house, and I am not the greatest cook!

A few months ago, when my mama was here, she inspired me to try my hand at an old craft :). When I was many years younger, I made her a Kitchen Witch, one that still hangs in her kitchen. She said it made her friends laugh when they visited, and that she would like to give one to some of her dearest friends. How could I say no? So, while she was here, I began rummaging in my brain archives to see if I could remember how I made her.

I made a few prototypes, and finally figured it out again. I am sure the original looks different, but I am digging my new witches. For one thing, they make me laugh. Constantly.

Meet Letti:

Not only is she cute, but she has a naughty side. Meet Letti’s naughty side:


Letti is one of the many witches that come from my hand lately. Each one, just like my Goddesses, have a very distinct personality. Every once in a while, they will look like a close friend, LOL.

Now these little witches are not here only to make us laugh, they have a serious mission:

“A kitchen witch, sometimes called a cottage witch, is a poppet or homemade doll resembling a stereotypical witch or crone displayed in residential kitchens as a means to provide good luck and ward off bad spirits

The poppet is supposed to depict a “good”witch who inspires productivity and safety in a kitchen, but also counteracts any ill-will directed to the home. It is considered good luck to give a kitchen witch to a friend or family member. So that those unfamiliar with the kitchen witch can understand its meaning, sometimes a note will be hung around the witch’s neck stating her purpose. It could say “So your pot never spills over and your sauce never runs.”, or “To keep your home safe & cozy.”….or whatever your heart desires.” (most of that is from, it short and to the point. You can get really in depth by digging further :)…)

There is all kinds of lore about Kitchen Witches.
I hope you enjoy it :).

Much love,
Heike, Letti, & the Kitchen Witch crew

P.S. Some of the “Crew” can be found on my Etsy store at