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Goddesses with Magic in their belly

Custom Goddess I recently finished.

The first Goddess I made was for myself.

She literally came to me to keep me from going insane.

My daughter was five, and my son was just a few weeks old, and I thought I was going to loose it. Now, I think I may have had a bought of Postpartum Depression, then I just thought I was overwhelmed. One night, the Goddess just popped in my head, a beautiful round form, with the message to go to the craft store buy some clay and make it happen. She was big and purple, and a little crude, but I put her on a silk string and wore her ALL THE TIME. Her weight on my chest, and the fact that I could grab her when in need, gave me a certain confidence.

Strangely enough, I cannot find a picture of her anywhere today. She was the beginning of my Goddess journey. People began commenting on her, asking me if she was a fertility Goddess (she had similar forms as the Goddess of Willendorf). Inside: “Hell no, I made her because these two beautiful humans I have are driving me insane!” On the outside, I smiled and said “No, she is the Goddess for whatever you need her to be”.

Friends began asking me to make them Goddesses for different reasons. Then I made one for a friend who was trying to get pregnant for a long time, and she made the announcement a few months later. With that, I became the Goddess Maker.

I would make Goddesses with trinkets, herbs, stones, even hair, all kinds of things in their belly, including lots of intention specific to the person I was making her for, and Moon Magic.

I also began making “everyday” Goddesses, knowing that the right person would find their Goddess, but continued making custom Goddesses over the years.

Now, I take on a limited amount of custom Goddesses. They are beautiful and draining at the same time. The take my energy, and my patience. When I take on a custom Goddess project, I always explain the ritual, because that is exactly what it is: a ritual. I also let the potential wearer know that in the end, I may not be able to make them a custom Goddess at all. It is rare, but has happened.

Once I have been told the “mission” of the Goddess, I can usually see her within a few minutes of talking. I get an idea of favorite colors, but honestly, the Goddess goes where she pleases. I have had Goddesses change color completely 3+ times! Once I see her and pass that on, the making process begins! I incorporate the belly magic, paint, paint, paint. That is when the Tango begins. The Goddess and I dance back and forth, until we finally agree and I can finish. I have made them for recently graduated women firefighters, much wanted pregnancies, Menarche boxes, gifts for little goddesses, sister Witches, etc. The missions are endless & wonderful! Then I just have to wait for a Full Moon to bless her, and she can be off to to her magic!

Much Love,

P.S. You can find YOUR Goddess here. Or contact me at heike (at) for custom Goddess availability. xoxo

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness

As you may know, I homeschool my kids. Today, we continued our history lesson on the American Revolution by watching an excellent film series by the History Channel called America – The Story of Us.

They really know how to bring the Revolution, and the key players, to life. Daniel Morgen, the intelligent drunk who led the militia and highly expertised “mountain” soldiers, George Washington, the rebel leader 🙂 (I had no idea, the man was a courageous hunk!), and all the strong and willful men and women who settled in the United States. The hardships they endured to fulfill their dreams, as simple and insignificant as they may seem today.

Freedom? Choices?
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created
equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable
Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.
That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, …
That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends,
it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.”

Hard to believe this was drafted over 200 years ago. And what people had to endure and sacrifice to receive these simple rights.

Fast forward to today. A nation under siege of the bad economy. Torn, strapped, angry…People are spoiled from living the Good Life for so long, and now can’t cope.

Personally, I was so impressed by the images of this film, and thinking about the strength and will these people had.

I felt wimpy. Yes, wimpy.

There is no reason in the world that I cannot have what I want in life. There is no reason that I cannot travel the road to my dream immediately. There is no reason that I cannot make enough money for my family to have what they need to live fulfllled and happy, with my talents. There is no reason that I let my body get weak, and then complain of getting ill and feeling fatigued. There is no reason that my husband, who works like a dog on a schedule that would have killed me 3 years ago, can’t quit and do the work he loves. It is all about how you see life, and thinking about what you REALLY want, and what you willing to do to get it. Anything?

Yes, I am getting off my ass immediately.
Why don’t you get off of yours and join me.

With love,