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Trash to Treasure..teaching the love of being “different”

My sweet little baby is a teen. If you seasoned Mama’s are shaking your head in pity, I’ll take it. Even Goddess Babies have teen moments :).

Living the life we do, we do not have to conform to the status quo. I am thankful for that, but always knew that ONE DAY, my bubble would burst.

The big needle came in the apparition of a “formal dance” my Goddess Baby was to attend. She does not attend school, this was her first opportunity for a formal dance. Since this was part of a state wide, annual event, attended by teens, the pictures of past dances were to be found all over the internet via Facebook. I had to control my face while viewing the pictures, I knew what was coming.

We dress Gypsy. Vintage. Funky. The thrift store is our mall. We pay no more than $3.99 for Abercrombie jeans, and barely fork out $10 for boots.

For days I watched my Goddess Baby try on hideous clothes that made her look like she jumped out of a B version of a bridesmaid movie, but I bit my tongue. Frustration. First experiences with “I have to conform with this style, it makes me gag, but I want to fit in, but I really don’t want to fit in”. Sound familiar? Nothing worked, it was my chance!

“How about we take one of the dresses we found at the thrift store clearance and alter it?” I say. “We were going to cut them up anyways….”. Bait, and hook.

It took a little back and forth, a few tears, some tough love.



Happy Gypsy Goddess Baby:

Cost: $0.62 for the dress, $4 for the dye, $1-4 for the embellishments.

In the end, she was fabulously flamboyant, and lovin’ it. One girl offered to buy her dress for $400!!!! (wonder if that check would have gone through??? We are cash only, just for the record :)..), but by then she had bonded with her dress. We even made it so it can be changed into another style with the flip of a stitches.

Ahhh…how I love valuable lessons.

Much love,


Blasting the SpiritZappers, Day 2

Good Morning my friends!

If you are following my Blasting the SpiritZappers, you will be proud to know that I tackled those baskets!!! One of them is still sitting in the kids room with their clothes, but that is THEIR responsibility :)…

And even though my knack of finding treasures is what got me into the clutter prediiciment in the first place, I MUST share what I found at the thrift store yesterday:

If you are not from the “cold climates” and have no idea why this excites me…it is a TOBAGGON!! A wooden one..yippeeeee!

ooooo….time to dust off that sewing machine!!!

Now down to regular business. SpiritZapper Day 2:

Today I am conquering one of my email boxes. I am going to go through the 309 unread emails one by one, and either file them or delete them. Then I will tend to the other 1300 stored in my box…WTH?? I am sure that number 3 is not important enough to save anymore……

Trash Nouveau

I have long been a Treasure Hunter…other people’s trash is my treasure. It’s in the genes, I still sit on the chair that my Oma rescued from the dump pile 20 odd years ago.

My kids have it in them too. There is nothing better to lift our spirits than a trip our thrift store, or cleaning up the laundry, eh junky room, or attic and finding long forgotten objects. I often chuckle when I meet past acquaintances at the thrift store, who are openly uncomfortable, like I “caught” them in the unspoken act :)…LOL…silly them. Stay home, leave the treasure for me!!

Here are my finds from my last thrift store visit. This was a rare trip by myself, without my little crew…

I LOVE my cowboy boots!! I could have a different pair for every day of the month. Maybe if I wear them, my ranch will come to me??? And now I have a canner for $1.50, the glass insert rack for $1.00!! 🙂

And here is my little Astronaut, ready to conquer the world in his recycled grocery box…..

I have long found out that toy stores could be oblivious, and kids would not care as long as you furnish them with cardboard boxes. Even my 11 year old still gets giddy when we get a big box.

Life can be so simple……

What I am reading (this is new!): “Amber and Dragonfly”, by Dianna Gabaldon. OMG, I read book one of this trilogy, and am hooked. I am ready to go to the Scottish Highlands and conjour up the spirits of Jamie and Claire, as I am totally in love with the two main characters. Need me at 3 am?? I am up, reading.
Also, “Change your Thoughts, Change your Life” by Dr. Dyer. I am on Tao verse #2. Wow..

What I am grateful for: My ability to see the good.

What I am manifesting: SALES. If you know where I can advertise my book and Goddesses, tell me :).

I am going to be SOOOO smart!

On our bi-weekly treasure hunt at the thrift store (we were actually looking for WHITE jeans for my kids for 4H…who the hell still wears white jeans???), we found this:

My 6 year old thought it was super cool, and we plunked down to play. You see, it has Junior, Youth, and Senior questions, so the whole family can play t-o-g-e-t-h-e-r. I made Heike Jr. do the dishes instead, she is too smart and I had to test it on the little one first.

Well, all my school education was good for NOTHING!

Here are some of the Junior questions:
Q. What kind of fish is scrod?
A. Young codfish cut and ready for cooking.

Q. How many continents are there? Name them. (Sarah should have played this game…)
A. Seven. Asia, AFRICA, N. America, S. America, Europe, Australia and Antartica.
~~~ P.S. 6 year old knew these :)..

Q. Is Washington D.C. a state?
A. No, it is a federal district.

Q. Who founded the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis?
A. Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Q. Who sought the Fountain of Youth?
A. Ponce de Leon

ok…a little harder, geared towards the YOUTH brain:

Q. In dry measure, how many quarts are there in a peck?
A. 8 quarts

And for when you are older and your brain cells are deteriorating:

Q. What number is MCDXCII?
A. 1492

Q. How many provinces border the combined states of Washington, Idaho, and Montana, and what are they?
A. 3 – British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

Q. What is the easternmost province of Canada?
A. Newfoundland
(that one is for my Canadian friends :)…)

Q. Harsh sounds and cries describe this ‘cat”.
A. Caterwaul.

My secret: I picked all my questions from the Junior section….need to hone up on my classical education before I play this game with the juniors….

What I am grateful for: That my children see the value of something for what it is, not where it came from or what it costs. They are the best Assistant Treasure Hunters ever…

What I am manifesting: Still manifesting the return of my Muse.

What happens when you just say “NO”?

I few months ago, a friend told me about a group that vows not to buy anything new for a year. I googled them, and found “The Compact”. What an excellent idea! Nothing new, except toiletries, underwear, and food :). I joined one of the lists, and of course had tons of questions about exceptions. Though not celebrated, exceptions are tolerated (not by the hard core!).

I am a thrift store junkie by nature, so falling into this regime was not hard for me. My exceptions: Shoes. I don’t buy used shoes. Also, I had to have to make exception for my goddess supplies…Other than that, I am the “Reuse, recycle, redecorate” Queen!

Since then, I always go to first and ask for things I need. You know, one woman’s trash could be this woman’s treasure! I have graciously received 1002 Legos, a fabulous dumbek drum, and recently, a dryer! I have given away brand new ink cartridges, a video camera, books, and various other things that I would have hoarded for another 10 years if I had not received a “YES! I would LOVE it!” email, and a heartfelt thank you after pick up. I am in the process of emptying my house, and will list a bunch of treasure with the knowledge that they will get much deserved use.

The next positive side effect is that I could care less who is having a sale on what. Really, it has even effected my Sunday morning ritual of studying the ads in the paper for a good deal. I no longer have an urge to buy clothes that I don’t need because they are FINALLY down to a price I can afford. I must admit, a good shoe or boot sale still makes me break out in a sweat. Hey, it took me over 30 years to get this way, it will not change over night!

My kids are a bit nervous because Christmas is coming. They are not sure how Santa will accommodate this “nothing new” household :). “I” believe he will be very proud of us, saving money AND the environment, and will leave us all something marvelous!

What’s your favorite pre-loved treasure???

How to grow good Karma

If you have anything in your life you don’t really LOVE, but you love it too much to throw it out or give it to charity…I have a solution.

This gives you good Karma too :).

I have been part of a local Freecycle group, and must say that I have found some wonderful things. I have also offered some items that have gone to great new homes, making some people very thankful and happy.

AND…you are doing something good for the environment by reusing and recycling :).