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Slo’ Mo

Usually, I write about how “chaotic” my life is. I seem to attract chaos, and when it gets too quiet, something happens to rattle our lives.
On SuperBowl Sunday, my husband and I embarked on a 4 hour drive to Yosemite. Even though I live in California, I have never been. Yosemite was on my bucket list (still is, you will see why), and so for Christmas my husband gave us a one romantic night stay at a beautiful resort in the heart of the park. Our first reservation was cancelled because a mammoth storm rolled in and they closed the park. We rebooked, and headed out early a few weeks later.

About an hour from our destination, on a remote road somewhere in the pastures of California with no phone signal, our car started acting up. We have had trouble with it over the last year, but kept getting it fixed. I was pissed, but we pushed on until we made it to a town and an auto store (because our oil warning light came on). We opened the hood, poured in oil, and it came right back out under the car.
To make a long story short, we were 20 miles from the hotel. We found a mobile mechanic, finally made it to the hotel, he patched up our car. We spent the day in the hotel lobby, venturing out on walks, etc. At 7pm on Monday, and $500 later, we got our car back and were on the freeway home, praying to the Universe all the way.
At home, our car got the death verdict.
Now it is sitting in our driveway with all its’ new and fancy parts, dead. I live in suburbia, I might as well be dead too without a car.
It is AMAZING how much rely on our car!
On the other hand, we are adjusting. I am beneftting the most, as I do not have to chauffeur anyone. Everyone has to become more self sufficient. Yesterday, I did not leave the house. I stayed home, took care of paperwork & animals, planted beans in the rain, cooked, trained with my dog. Today, I took my dog & my daughter for a walk in the rain, then I walked to the store in the rain, and now I am sitting here FINALLY writing a blog post after how many months???j
I was outside sitting on the patio doing absolultely nothing but watching the rain, when I realized that my Volvo breaking down once again gave me a freedom pass.
A pass to slow down and stay put, instead of driving someone somewhere. A pass to say “no” to at least three things that I never like to do, but feel obligated to do anyways (“sorry, I don’t have a car right now…..”). A pass to save money, because the only store that is really in walking distance is the .99 cent store, and the only thing I buy there is sponges & plastic gloves…how many of those does a girl need? I have finally started reading the mystery I have had for months, and can hardly put it down. I have been puttering around, collecting things to donate, filing paperwork, throwing things out that have been neglected way to long.
All in all, I am in a happy, slo’ mo state.
My favorite quote, adjusted with my own words:
Turn every shitty situation into a learning opportunity.
Much love,

Put it in a box and send it to the Universe / Spellboxes

Blessing the items for my Spellbox

Spellboxes are fantastic! They can take on any size, shape, color, etc. They are open to your imagination.

I see a Spellbox as a vessel to send my wishes to the Universe.

I like to use jars.

You can fill a Spellbox with all kinds of magic. Notes with wishes (written as if they already are: “Money comes to me easily”, “My body is strong”), herbs, rocks, glitter, treasures. For money spells, I add coins & bills, or shiny things. I always add herbs that support what I am asking for. I like to add rocks or other things I find on my river walks. As I am adding the items, I speak to them and let them know what their role is.

If I want to ban something from our lives (this can include health issues, bad bills, etc), I make a separate Spellbox and line it with aluminum foil. I write the things I want to ban on little slips of paper, and again, read them out loud as I add them to the jar.

There are no rules. Spellboxes are intuitive. You add what feels right.

Once you are done, you want to give it one more blessing or instruction, and a thank you, before you seal the lid. I just put glue around the rim of the jar before I glue on the lid.

I put mine out during Full Moon to enhance the magic, and bury them the next day. Sometimes on my property (if they are prosperity boxes), sometimes in the woods (if I am banning), or by the river (because the river is magic :)…).

This is also a wonderful thing to do with children!

Happy Full Moon, Beautifuls!

The Epithany in my Cabbage

 The month of January is over. The first month of 2013. The month
where you are supposed to get off your ass and start over, a clean slate. The month
where you will file all your receipts so the tax filing in 2014 will not be as
hellacious as in 2013, 2012, 2011…….

In the past, for me, it has been THE month of pressure.
Usually, by end of January I am always just as chaotic as I was at the end of
December. As I am this year.
HELLO 2013!
I do have an excuse. Remember, I burned my foot on a heating
pad? (If you don’t, I did.) My “little” burn turns out to be a second degree
burn that I am still dealing with, and I have worn the same pair of shoes since
December 31st. It is in such a weird, strategic spot that it has
seriously hindered my life style.
I have come to the conclusion that this freak accident was a
sign. A few weeks ago, someone (one of many) asked me about my resolutions. I
said “I have decided to throw any resolutions in the wind and wing it. January
is screwed anyways”. And with that, I was free.
Free to take my goals for 2013, and start slowly. Free to
sit in the café with my tribe TODAY and talk over my marketing strategies &
business goals for the year, feeling that they are more heart centered, than pressured.
Free to tell people “I am working on it.”, and to be good with that.
Sometimes, it is good to let things lie and “ferment”,
ending up with a finished product that is much more wholesome than the fresh
When I go home,  I
went into my pantry. There were the 6 heads of cabbage that I bought weeks ago
with the ambition of making sauerkraut. They have been moved  several 
times, rolled behind the laundry, screamed for attention. Yet, I ignored
them. But today, the day I was actually going to cut them up for the chickens
and the compost, they surprised me with this:
All cabbages have little sprouts of what looks like cabbage
babies! I have never seen this before. I see this as a sign of the Universe.
“Heike, it is wonderful that you have let these lie, they
are now creating new life, doubling & tripling themselves!”
I am sticking to it. Putting them in the garden to see what
happens. The same goes for my goals for 2013. I started today to putting what
is in my heart & brain on paper so it can expand into the world.
Better  to do IT late
than not at all. The Universe says so!
P.S.  I have said it
before, and will say it again. If you need a fabulous  visual, a guide to put your thoughts on paper,
a brain extractor that takes those wild & crazy dreams and puts them in
words, check out the 2013 Create Your Incredible Year Calendar & Workbook.  Yes, it is ok start in February J.
Much love,

Do I dare live an authentic life?? Who will cry?

After a delicious and unhealthy, rich, decadent Italian birthday dinner, I had my Cappuccino. Now I am awake.

Yesterdays’ events, a conversation with a friend, and my birthday have brought up some deep inner dialog. Tomorrow (the day after my 21st birthday) is also the 19th anniversary of my car accident, the one that crushed my spine and put my life in a spin.

I deleted myself from a social network today because the amount of spam, crap, unauthentic friend requests, and bickering were going beyond the power of my delete button. Another step to “cleansing” the sacred space of my existance.

You see, I have found that people who drain my energy, who make my spirit sag, who are just damn annoying, come in abundance. They creep into my life as friends, lovers, business partners, etc. They change my true path by influencing my instinct. Once they have arrived, I feel obliged to be nice, keep my manners, make them feel like they are part of my life. Well, I used to anyways. A few years ago this changed, and I think the cleansing is almost complete. Nowadays I do not feel guilty anymore, my self preserving Bitch will just show you “The Hand”, and delete you. I no longer care if I hurt your feelings, because I know your line to me is not authentic.

I am not sure what brought this inner discussion on, but I am asking myself if I dare go “Full Monty”, and live the authentic life I crave. Will those in my wake be sad? Why do I care, since I just stated that I don’t feel guilty anymore? Because those that will be in my wake now are my last spirit deflating lines, and I love them the most.

Sometimes people enter your life abruptly, again to alter your path, but in a good way. Today, the woman who hit my car yesterday called me. She is very sweet, and says she thinks we “met” for a reason. 🙂 I think she is right, as my first reaction to “meeting” her is realizing that that 5 minute drive to pick up my husband COULD have been my last. And that I really SHOULD keep the mandatory registration and insurance papers on me. I think it goes deeper than that, read on….

I believe each of us born into this world for a specific reason or role. I believe in past lives, and think we follow the same core “path” in every life. So, if we deviate away from this authentic calling, how can we be truly blissful?

I understand that following these random thoughts may be confusing, and to avoid further rambling: I think the events from yesterday had a reason, and one of them may be the Universe giving me a nudge. I felt heat in my car in the afternoon, even though the air conditioner was going full blast, then this bizarre fender bender, and everything that came with it. All of this may be a mild version of the nudge that I got when I had my accident 19 years ago. It was life altering, and sent me on my true path.

P.S. No wine tonight! 🙂 I guarantee that all above thoughts were written without the influence of alcoholeeeeeeeeeeeee….